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E-Golf - Herald of a new era at Volkswagen

The e-Golf as a purely electric car is currently a pioneer on Volkswagen's path to the new corporate strategy 2025. The power consumption in driving practice in our tests is heavily dependent on the driving style as well as the loads that are switched on and can average between 13-19 kWh / 100 km at summer temperatures. That gives an action radius of up to 160 km. From our point of view, a car that can be used for city traffic and short-distance traffic. In the next few months, Volkswagen is already planning higher battery capacities and thus longer ranges for the Golf.


The Golf is equipped with the Combined Charging System (# CCS) with two additional plug contacts and supports AC and DC charging up to 170 kW per hour. In practice, the variants with 50 kW per hour are currently more likely to be found.



A comprehensive overview of CCS charging stations is available via the following link:


N. Hawthorn
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