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Charging station - symbol © Birgit Reitz-Hofmann -

900 euros in funding from KfW for private charging stations

The new funding guidelines for private charging stations allow homeowners, landlords, apartment owners' associations and tenants to receive a subsidy for privately used charging stations from the KfW loan institute. Now it is also clearly regulated for which models there is a subsidy from the state.

The requirements for granting the grant are clearly regulated. KfW grants funding if

  • you are a tenant, landlord, private owner or member of a homeowners association,
  • the charging station is used for a purely privately accessible parking space,
  • the total costs for device and installation are at least 900 euros,
  • the charging station is installed with a maximum charging power of 11 kilowatts,
  • the charging station can be intelligently controlled,
  • the charging station is listed on the KfW website,
  • 100 percent of the electricity for the charging station comes from renewable energies (e.g. from our own photovoltaic system or green electricity from the energy supplier).

List of charging stations

If all of these requirements are met, the charging station for "Funding 440" can be used. Since November 24, 2020, there has been a form on the KfW website that can be used to apply for 900 euros online. It is important that the funding must be applied for and confirmed before the charging station is bought or ordered.

Once the installation is complete, the invoices for the charging station, location analysis and installation are collected and submitted to KfW so that the subsidy can be paid out.

All funding and stations that are eligible can be found under this linkörderprodukte/Ladestationen-für-Elektroautos-Wohngebäude-(440)/#


Cover picture: Charging station - symbol © Birgit Reitz-Hofmann -

N. Hawthorn
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