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The subscription can also be booked as a gift subscription to friends and acquaintances for a year.

Auto Magazine Online - Sustainable Mobility

Cars are a fascinating subject that many people refer to as their hobby. Likewise, a lot of people work with cars every day, which is why cars are a very important part of their everyday life. We would now like to introduce you to one of the most up-to-date auto magazines online.

What is GreenCarMagazine?

GreenCarMagazine is the magazine for car enthusiasts around the world. GreenCarMagazine has been published for over 5 years and reports on the latest technologies, the latest cars and the latest innovations in the automotive industry.
In particular, GreenCarMagazine deals with the sustainable aspect of the automotive industry, which will presumably dominate the future of mobility. And this is exactly why you should read GreenCarMagazine.

What advantages does the GreenCarMagazine offer?

The future of the automotive industry depends on the new developments in e-mobility. For this reason, you should inform yourself now about the possibilities of the future. GreenCarMagazine presents you with all the relevant information in an easy-to-understand manner so that you always stay up to date. Don't miss any more important news and updates by subscribing to GreenCarMagazine.

The Gadget for Subscribers in Summer 2022 - Copyright JcJg Photography -
Subscriber's Gadget for Summer 2022 - Copyright JcJg Photography -

The gadget for new subscribers

Now is the perfect time for the annual subscription. You now have the chance to take part in our anniversary campaign and get hold of the unique extra. If you subscribe to GreenCarMagazine you will receive a helpful gadget, four printed magazines per year and two digital magazines per year.

The Gadget for Subscribers in Summer 2022 - Copyright JcJg Photography -
Subscriber's Gadget for Summer 2022 - Copyright JcJg Photography -

New from 2023 - the VIP subscription from green car magazine

The VIP subscription advantages at a glance
The VIP subscription for friends of emission-free mobility includes a few special highlights every year:

- A day ticket for the leading trade fair IAA Mobility in Munich
- A package package for every winter edition with exclusive benefits
- Exclusive access to the GreenCarMagazine Plus area online
- Upon request, you will receive an entry as a sponsor on the internet at

In this way, you will receive the issues of the popular magazine per year for your subscription. If you would like to test an issue beforehand, you can also order an issue first and convince yourself of the quality of GreenCarMagazine.

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