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ADAC E-Kids-Cup - picture source: OSET

ADAC competition for children with electric trial motorcycles

The ADAC E-Kids-Cup relies on a new competition concept. As an entry-level class for the youngest trial riders aged 6 to 10 who own an electric trial motorcycle. The series starts on June 23, 2019, and the small series includes four events. The ADAC will provide more information in a press release.

Trial sport is all about tackling an obstacle course with motorcycles in closed-off terrain without touching the ground with their feet or driving around a route marker. This demands a lot of courage, great dexterity as well as fine coordination and technique from the athletes. Reaching top speeds is not the focus here.

The individual tests, called “sections” in trial jargon, are specially designed for young drivers in the ADAC E-Kids Cup. The children can look forward to simple lane guidance, small courses and safe passages that enable a gentle introduction to this sport. They are divided into three classes depending on the ability of the children: everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to the king of balance. At every event there is an award ceremony for all drivers and at the end of the season the best are honored at the big ADAC youth award.

Helmet compulsory and protective clothing

Safety is paramount. Suitable protective clothing is therefore mandatory: helmet, back protector, breastplate, gloves and sturdy shoes are part of the basic equipment. In addition, the electric trial motorcycle must have CE certification as well as a handlebar pad, an emergency rip cord, front and rear brake disc covers and a closed chainring.

In 2019 the ADAC E-Kids-Cup includes the following events:

June 23rd MSC "Falke" Wildberg-Sulz

September 8th, MSC Frickenhausen

October 13 AMC Biberach

October 20th MSC Koengen-Wendlingen

Don't have your own electric motorcycle yet? The two clubs MSC “Falke” Wildberg-Sulz and MSC Frickenhausen offer the opportunity to test silent motorsport at their ADAC E-Kids-Cup events. The two-wheelers are provided by the sponsoring partner OSET, manufacturer and world market leader in the segment of electric children's motorcycles.

Switching to electrically powered motorcycles for children and young people offers many advantages. The training and competition operations manage without noise and exhaust emissions. Another advantage lies in the handling of the machines: The speed of the electric motorcycles can be regulated very precisely. So beginners cannot go faster than walking pace. The entry costs into trial sport are also relatively low compared to other motor sports. The participation fees for the events are 10 euros.

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Cover picture: ADAC E-Kids-Cup - picture source: OSET

Source: ADAC Württemberg eV

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