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Subaru Impreza

Autograph Subaru Impreza e-Boxer 2.0ie Platinum

Subaru traditionally drives its own concept for the four-wheel drive clientele. A boxer engine that has been in use for decades is combined with a proven all-wheel drive system and reliable technology. The boxer drive, combined with a mild hybrid system, has been available for the European market since the last model year due to the stricter emissions regulations. The Impreza is a compact all-wheel drive vehicle that shows its virtues off-road.

The concept is simple and effective. The boxer engine with 150 hp from a 2 liter displacement has been expanded with a 16,7 hp electric motor. In the mild hybrid version, the small electric motor serves as a booster for starting and accelerating processes and slightly reducing fuel consumption. In practice, this means that slight savings can be achieved, especially on short-haul routes in the city center.

Subaru boxer engine

As soon as it comes to the faster passable country roads and motorways, the usual consumption values ​​between 7 and 9 liters are more realistic. And when the classic all-wheel drive virtues are used off-road, consumption levels off above this. Real Subaru drivers value good off-road capabilities and effective transport with the trailer.
The steplessly switching "Lineartronic" does a good job here. Due to the structure of the drive, the Subaru quickly falls into the high speed range even with simple accelerations. This means that it is correspondingly louder in the interior while driving. The chassis compensates for this with solid suspension, reacts calmly to short-term lane changes and only reports rough bumps back into the vehicle compartment.

Eyesight system

The technical subtleties can be found in the extensive equipment with driver assistance system. The "Eyesight" system, which we have already tested several times, is particularly impressive thanks to the use of the stereo camera at the height of the rear-view mirror behind the windshield. The detection of distances to vehicles in front and the rapid detection of driving situations has already proven itself in many test scenarios. Even during our operations in combination with the adaptive cruise control, all silhouettes from motorcycles to trucks were recorded even in poor weather conditions. Sometimes you have to remove the dirt from the window. But this is also pointed out.

With the high structure, the Impreza offers space for up to five adults who can easily get in and also sufficient space on the rear seat bench. The storage space is also variable, from 340 l to 1173 l can be used. This means that many hobbies and leisure activities can be easily transported with the appropriate equipment.

We tested the Impreza in the "Platinum" version. The basic price is 32.990 euros with the full security package. It includes the Lineartronic as a continuously variable automatic transmission, the Eyesight driver assistance system, as well as the lane change, blind spot and cross traffic assistants. In the interior, the reversing camera, the front camera and the Apple CarPlay and Android auto technology are particularly practical everyday helpers. The special accessories for a surcharge are limited to special metallic paintwork, leather upholstery and ultrasonic parking aids.


With the current Impreza, you get a rather discreet all-wheel drive, which emphasizes its suitability for everyday use, especially when driving off-road or when towing a trailer. The Platinum version of the Impreza, which is rather rough when accelerating, offers a whole armada of assistance systems. With this complete technical equipment it offers a good price-performance ratio.

N. Hawthorn
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