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Autograph Suzuki Across CVT Plug-in Hybrid

With the Across, Suzuki has expanded its portfolio with a large-format model as a plug-in hybrid. The Across project grew out of a partnership between Toyota and Suzuki. The mutual marketing of passenger cars saves development costs and expands the opportunities for new customer groups for both car brands. While Suzuki focuses on mild hybrid technology, hybrid technology is offered in the Across in cooperation with Toyota.

The Across, which is based on the RAV4, differs in a few details and is intended to replace the Grand Vitara, which has been eliminated from the program, and reduce fleet consumption. However, at the latest when it comes to the unladen weight, which is a good 500 kilograms more than the former Grand Vitara, you notice the deviation from Suzuki's consistent lightweight construction.

The generous amount of space is an important argument for both business travelers and families when buying a new car. This gives Suzuki a good argument for switching from the old Grand Vitara to the new Across. There is also an extensive package of assistance systems and a digital update in the interior. A balanced and comfortable suspension ensures relaxed gliding. The powertrain is interesting, a large-capacity 2,5-liter four-cylinder is connected via planetary gears to an electric motor. In addition, a compact electric motor on the rear axle provides propulsion.

Suzuki Across CVT PLUG-IN HYBRID - alloy wheels
Suzuki Across CVT PLUG-IN HYBRID – alloy wheels


The background noise in the interior is very quiet in city and country traffic, only when you drive at high speed or press the kick-down does the combustion engine turn perceptibly. We test in the relatively mild winter in the real north at temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees outside temperature. With the consumers switched on, we are on average between 6 and 7 liters of premium petrol plus electricity consumption, depending on the load. If it is fully stressed on the highway, it is of course significantly higher.

Suzuki Across CVT PLUG-IN HYBRID - Generous trunk
Suzuki Across CVT PLUG-IN HYBRID – Generous trunk

Four driving modes can be implemented when driving. In pure EV mode, only the electric motor is used as a drive source. In the dual Auto EV/HV mode, the petrol engine is used when required, typically during kick-down or rapid overtaking manoeuvres. Of course, when the battery is empty, the petrol engine primarily works. There is also the option of charging the battery while driving.

With the high seating position, the Across ensures a clear all-round view, the driver's seat can be individually adjusted to your own needs. With the large central touchscreen, the settings for audio functions, navigation, climate or telephone can be adjusted interactively. The operation is pleasantly easy to implement. The navigation is not part of the basic package and can be implemented as an alternative via Android Auto or Apple Carplay. If you don't use the touch display, you can control the most important functions centrally via the multifunction steering wheel. This includes the adaptive cruise control.

A configuration


The purely electric range is actually a good 50 kilometers in our winter test with a fully charged battery. If you commute and can charge your car overnight at your own wall box, you can cover this distance in a relaxed manner without consuming any fuel.

The Across is only available as a plug-in hybrid with full equipment at a price of 58.190 euros (January 2023). The Toyota RAV 4, on the other hand, is available in various configurations from 43.790 as a normal hybrid version through to a plug-in hybrid. Anyone looking for an alternative to the discontinued Grand Vitara at Suzuki will find the Across to be a fully equipped SUV with plenty of space and a payload of up to 495 kg. A braked trailer weighing up to 1.500 kg can also be towed. With variable use, it can be used in a variety of ways.


With the large-format Across, Suzuki has both closed the gap to the former Grand Vitara and slightly reduced fleet consumption. Demand is subdued due to the limitation to a single configuration. Suzuki drivers who value a lot of space and flexible use of the vehicle can relax with the Across on long-distance journeys with sophisticated assistance systems.


Test from January 2023

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N. Hawthorn
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