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BMW 530e

BMW 530e - Back to the Future

Traditionally, a 530 BMW was powered by a high-torque six-cylinder engine, while the new models use a 2-liter four-cylinder combined with an electric motor as a plug-in hybrid. BMW will be equipping the model series with a significant expansion of the electrified BMW eDrive technology as early as summer 2020. The brand-typical driving pleasure should be achieved with low-emission and non-polluting drives combined will. In the tested plug-in hybrid, the maximum achievable electric range can be experienced under optimal conditions in the summer of up to 68 kilometers.

Efficiency in the plug-in hybrid models

In the interaction of the two drives, the BMW 530e achieves a maximum output of 185 kW / 252 hp. With the "XtraBoost" function, an additional 10 kW / 30 PS can be called up for up to 40 seconds for an increase in output to 215 kW / 292 PS. This results in sufficient power and a maximum torque of 420 Nm, which, paired with an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, enable an agile and sporty driving style. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes 6,2 seconds and the top speed is designed for 235 km / h. According to the NEDC standard, the plug-in hybrid consumes 1,9 liters of super per 100 km and a good 10 kWh of electricity. The CO2 emissions are estimated at 44 g / km.

If these consumption values ​​are to be adhered to, a break must be taken. The charging process in the fastest charging mode took a good 3,5 hours to the capacity limit in our tests. Then the lithium-ion battery is recharged with 10,43 kWh battery capacity. The maximum charging power is 3,7 kW. This makes the BMW more suitable for overnight charging on your own wallbox.

BMW 530e
BMW 530e

BMW 530e exterior

The design takes up the classic lines of the BMW design guidelines and appears timeless and elegant. The sedan is primarily intended for business customers and accordingly the 5 Series BMW looks distinctive and has a very high recognition value. The external distinguishing feature is an additional loading lid in the fender on the driver's side.

Inner values

In the interior, emphasis is placed on high-quality workmanship of all operating components. Traditional components such as a highly functional steering wheel are combined with switches, control wheels or buttons that are perfectly arranged to the touch. This is a clear plus point compared to the electric cars that are often operated purely via touchscreens. The electric motor itself drives the partial flow
appropriate charge up to a speed of 140 km / h. The stationary air conditioning can be easily configured using a smartphone or the ergonomically designed key as a flatterer.

BMW 530e key
BMW 530e key

530e on long haul

The 5 Series is clearly designed for the long haul. The very finely adjustable front seats and the height and depth adjustable steering wheel can be individually adjusted for each type of driver and can be easily saved. The promised 65 km electric range cannot be achieved at a crisp, cool 0 to 10 degrees with the use of the finely adjustable air conditioning. When the battery was fully charged 3 times, an electrical range of 30 to 35 kilometers was indicated on the display. But that's enough at least for the daily commute in the city area. During our test drives under these external conditions, we achieved consumption values ​​between 4 and 6 liters of super.


With the new plug-in hybrid in the luxury class, BMW is relying on high-quality long-distance qualities. The car is predestined for motorway and country roads, commutes on short distances with a charged battery with the electric drive alone and offers a high level of functionality. With the adjustable driving modes, all relevant driving situations can be mapped.


Test from spring 2020

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