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Market launch for wireless charging in the 530e iPerformance - Copyright BMW

BMW i - market launch for wireless charging in the 530e iPerformance

According to its own information, the automobile manufacturer BMW has been offering a factory-integrated solution for inductive charging as a leasing option for the BMW 530e iPerformance since July. For Germany, the price according to the manufacturer of the vehicle-mounted CarPad is € 890 including VAT. The building-side GroundPad costs € 2.315 including a flat-rate installation fee. Production is scheduled to start in July 2018.

Inductive charging station for the garage

With inductive charging, an electric field ensures the wireless transmission of electricity. According to BMW, BMW Wireless Charging enables the wireless transmission of energy from the power grid via a baseplate installed in the garage, for example, to the high-voltage battery of the vehicle above. With the parking process and when the parking position is reached, the charging process is started automatically without the driver having to do any further work. Charging the battery of an electrified vehicle is said to be even easier than refueling an automobile with an internal combustion engine.

Market launch for wireless charging in the 530e iPerformance - Copyright BMW

Market launch for wireless charging in the 530e iPerformance - Copyright BMW

Details can be found in the press release:
“The BMW Wireless Charging special equipment consists of an inductive charging station (GroundPad), which can be installed both in a garage and outdoors, and a vehicle component (CarPad) attached to the underbody of the vehicle. The contactless transfer of energy between the GroundPad and CarPad takes place over a distance of eight centimeters. The GroundPad generates a magnetic field. A current is induced in the CarPad that charges the high-voltage battery.
The system has a charging capacity of 3,2 kW. This means that the high-voltage batteries of the BMW 530e iPerformance can be fully charged in around three and a half hours. At around 85%, the efficiency of the overall system is already close to the level for charging with cables, where around 92% is achieved today. "

Market launch for wireless charging in the 530e iPerformance - Copyright BMW

Market launch for wireless charging in the 530e iPerformance - Copyright BMW

Charge the battery without a plug

In practice, when driving to the parking position via WLAN connection, the driver receives a top view of the vehicle and colored guide lines for correct control of the GroundPad in the display. As soon as the suitable position for inductive charging has been reached, it is signaled to the driver by means of a symbol.
From our point of view, the control of the pad will probably be automated with the integrated autonomous parking functions in the near future.

The installation of the GroundPad outdoors is interesting. This means that charging is no longer linked to a carport or garage. This means that it can also be used at public charging points.
Details can also be found in the press release:
“The GroundPad can also be installed outdoors and can be used in all weather conditions. All electrically conductive components are protected from rain or snow, even driving over the charging station has no consequences. Electromagnetic radiation on the vehicle floor remains limited during the charging process. The GroundPad is permanently monitored for foreign bodies. The registration of foreign bodies leads immediately to the termination of the charging process. "


Entering the inductive charging process simplifies charging, as with a smartphone or an electric toothbrush, it is very convenient. In the coming years, inductive charging will probably become the standard for all global manufacturers and thus contribute to greater acceptance of electric mobility among drivers who have been critical up to now.



Sources: Press releases and images - Copyright BMW

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