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BMW i3 - price list March 2019

The BMW i3 is one of the most popular electric vehicles for the environmental bonus. With the new BMW i3s, the manufacturer presented a model with a more powerful engine with 135 kW (184 hp) and 270 Nm of torque. With the introduction of the model, a new traction control was also made available for the BMW eDrive. In adverse weather conditions and poor road conditions, it should ensure traction and driving stability when starting off, in recuperation mode when braking or while accelerating out of a curve.

So far, in the conventionally installed driving stability system, the calculation of the control processes in the remote control unit was carried out with correspondingly long signal paths. The traction control is now integrated directly into the drive unit. Peter Langen, Head of BMW Chassis Development, explains: "With their high torques and spontaneous reactions to every movement of the accelerator pedal, electric motors already place considerably higher demands on driving stability control than conventional drives."

BMW has canceled the range extender

With the shortened control cycles, the faster-reacting anti-slip control can significantly optimize the processes in terms of traction, driving stability and driving dynamics. The new traction control will in future be used in all BMW and MINI models with front, rear and all-wheel drive, according to the manufacturer.

BMW had already officially confirmed last year: The company is canceling the range extender option for its electric model i3 as part of the battery upgrade to 120 Ah cells in Europe. "In the future we will only sell the all-electric version," is the official statement.

At BMW, vigorous work is still going on on the i-concept. The BMW i3 125 kW (170 PS) and the i3s 135 kW (184 PS) are now available as standard with the large battery pack with 120 Ah. BMW relies on a hybrid synchronous motor with integrated power electronics, charger and generator function for recuperation. According to BMW, the practical ranges are around 260 km with an outside temperature of 20 degrees in summer - but they are correspondingly shorter in Comfort mode. According to the manufacturer, the charging times are specified as follows:

~ 45 min at fast charging station (50 kW, direct current)
~ 3:10 h on BMW i Wallbox (11 kW / 16 A / 380 V)
~ 9:40 h on BMW i Wallbox (3,7 kW / 16 A / 240 V)
~ 15:00 h at household socket (2,4 kW / 10 A / 240 V)

Environmental bonus TOP 10 sorted by manufacturer (April 30, 2019) - Source Bafa
Environmental bonus TOP 10 sorted by manufacturer (April 30, 2019) - Source Bafa

The new price list March 2019

A look at the new 40-page price list reveals the most interesting equipment packages and accessory details for the popular electric car. The following interior equipment packages can be ordered for a surcharge for customization: Atelier, Loft, Lodge or Suite.

Many technical extras can only be ordered at an additional cost. The parking assistance package costs 990 euros, the seat heating 330 euros and the sun protection glazing 350 euros. A professional navigation system called "Business" can be ordered for an additional charge of 990 euros.

The pure operating costs without loss of value are given by the manufacturer in an example calculation for 10.000 km per year at around 90 euros per month or 11 cents per kilometer driven. Of course, the depreciation costs must also be added in order to arrive at a realistic total cost. In the event of a realistic 50 percent loss in value within the first 4 years, another 3 euros of depreciation costs must be taken into account for the i120 with 19.100 Ah. And that results in total costs of around 500 euros per month.

BMW i3 - Our TOP 3 recommendations for a good resale value

The previous special equipment, fast charging, is now offered as standard, increasing the price of the BMW i3 with 170 hp by 450 euros to 38.200 euros and the i3s with 184 hp is now in the price list at 41.600 euros.

1. Seat heating (660 euros)
The heat pump can save electricity, especially in the transition periods. It once again reduces energy consumption by using the ambient air. Compared to conventional heating, this can save up to 50 percent energy and thus increase the range by up to 30 percent, according to BMW.

2. The seat heating for driver and front passenger seat (350 euros)

Adjustable seat heating for the driver and front passenger are particularly popular in the colder months. The seat heating can also be set in advance with a timer.

3. DAB tuner (250 euros)

The DAB tuner enables analogue and digital radio reception. If you want to enjoy the overture to Gioachino Rossini's one-act play "The Silk Ladder" without any noise, it is best to use digital sound. Specialized channels and additional information complement the radio sound and the radio has been a cultural asset in the car for decades.

With these accessories, you can definitely achieve good plus points when reselling. When it comes to interior fittings, the options are diverse and your own taste and budget are more decisive here.


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