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Shuttle Bus - Copyright Bosch

Bosch - The trend is your friend

Whether lighting, on-board electronics or braking systems, electronics is a broad field for the manufacturer Bosch in automotive engineering. The trend towards electrification of the drive train is now emerging to conquer the heart of the automotive industry with far-reaching consequences for the automotive industry in Germany.

“The trend is your friend” is a popular saying, especially on the stock exchange, for herd behavior when share prices rise. Since the Dieselgate at the latest, the trend in automotive engineering has been towards electrification of the drive. All global manufacturers have already adjusted to this. And in these times Bosch dares to break into the phalanx of manufacturers. At the CES, the driverless shuttle buses with electric drive were presented in a study. According to Bosch's plans, they should drive almost silently through city centers and network seamlessly with the surrounding area. The concept approach promises a comprehensive mobility solution in dialogue with users. This includes booking, sharing and networking platforms, parking and charging services as well as software solutions for managing and maintaining vehicles and infotainment while driving.

A generously glazed shuttle bus was presented at the CES which, according to the company, will soon be used in major cities around the world, both for transporting goods and as a shuttle for passenger transport. The electric minibus on demand is a project that Ligier has been using successfully for several years. Bosch is now presenting a system solution that provides all essential components and systems for automation, connectivity and electrification.

Sharing solutions

In practice, the shuttles should be via an app on a smartphone. A close-knit vehicle network and an algorithm should then be used to flexibly determine which vehicle is the fastest at the desired location and which users want to drive a comparable route on the route. This means that greater individualization of driving services and automated handling of short-haul traffic are implemented.

The charging processes are also controlled autonomously by the system. By determining the current battery charge level, the expected energy consumption on the route as well as traffic jam and weather forecast, a precise prognosis of the range is to be realized in real time. The optimal charging station can be reserved in advance and is accordingly controlled autonomously.

The built-in radar, video and ultrasonic sensors, in combination with an electric power steering and a brake control system, should guide the autonomous journeys safely through the city. Further digital services are required for driving safety, such as a road condition service for the surrounding conditions for timely adaptation of the driving style or the road signature so that the vehicles can maintain their position in the lane with centimeter precision.

The interior of the concept vehicle is designed for four passengers who sit opposite each other. Extensive infotainment is also provided while driving. With on-board WiFi, you can also be in dialogue with the digital world in the shuttle bus. A concierge service provides passengers with reservations, weather reports or travel advice. Billing is also carried out digitally with the epayment service.

With the shuttle bus, Bosch is consistently implementing a sharing mobility solution for cities. And, according to Dr. Stefan Hartung, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH and chairman of the Mobility Solutions division, has ambitious goals on electromobility at Bosch: "We want to be the number one partner for electric driving and become the market leader in the mass market for electromobility that will emerge from 2020." With the complete takeover of Electric motor manufacturer EM-motive at the beginning of 2019 took another step on the way to becoming the market leader.


Bosch presented the shuttle solution at CES 2019.

Cover picture: Shuttle bus - Copyright Bosch

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