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Car-Net from Volkswagen

Optimal use of the Volkswagen Car-Net system on vacation

The tour to the holiday area is the most strenuous time during the holidays when there are long journeys, so long travel times should be optimally planned. A navigation device and a smartphone have now become standard for most holidaymakers in order to arrive safely and stress-free. By coupling the two devices, even more can be achieved from your travel experience. Volkswagen offers the Volkswagen Car-Net system for this purpose. The manufacturer gives the following tips to optimize your own travel planning

Plan routes at home and send them directly to the vehicle

Whether the North Sea or the Côte d'Azur, whether a pizzeria insider tip in Rimini or the rustic alpine restaurant in the Alps - many drivers check their routes and places to go out in advance on their laptop or tablet. It is no longer necessary to re-enter these addresses into the navigation device later. Because computers, smartphones and infotainment systems work together better and better thanks to intelligent networking. With Volkswagen Car-Net “Guide & Inform”, car travelers can plan their vacation at home and simply send the data directly to the car.

Car-Net system from Volkswagen

Car-Net system from Volkswagen

Find cheap gas stations or free parking spaces

The journey is not always the goal. If you are looking forward to your holiday destination, you do not want to extend the trip by looking for a cheap gas station or a free parking space. In the navigation function on the infotainment display, Car-Net “Guide & Inform” not only shows the nearest parking garage, but also, depending on the locally available information, the number of free parking spaces and what they cost. In addition to the route to the nearest petrol station, Car-Net also provides information on fuel prices so that travelers can decide in the car whether they want to fill up there.

Is the sunroof still open? The Car-Net app knows.

Is the car locked and the lights turned off? Who hasn't asked themselves this question after making themselves comfortable in the beach restaurant? Smart holidaymakers with Car-Net "Security & Service" can lean back and relax and simply use the Car-Net app to confirm that all doors are closed and the headlights are off.

Where is the car now? Car-Net knows the way.

Those who discover new places do not always immediately memorize the paths. The search for the parked car does not have to be wrong. With "Security & Service", the Car-Net app can call up the current parking position of the vehicle and thus knows where it was parked. The smartphone app shows the location and the route at a glance - even without the user having to save this beforehand.

Enjoy the perfect comfortable temperature - as soon as you get in

With summer, sun and sunshine, holidays are really fun. But only if the temperature in the car allows you to keep a cool head. It's easy if the air conditioning does its job before you even get in. Thanks to Car-Net, drivers of an electric or hybrid vehicle can set their comfortable temperature using a computer or mobile device before they even start driving.

The Car-Net system from Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Car-Net system supports the journey with the help of real-time traffic information or, for example, with the remote functions of the Car-Net app. With the various service packages “Guide & Inform” and “Security & Service”, users can adapt the functional scope of Car-Net to their needs.

All information about the Car-Net system can be found here Link.


Sources: Volkswagen

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