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Solid state battery - Copyright AddMeshCube -

Who will win the solid-state battery race?

Numerous manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry are engaged in an exciting race to determine the future of battery technology. One of the most interesting developments that will be ready for series production before 2030 is the solid-state battery.

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

Sporty ambitions with the ID.5 GTX?

The abbreviation GT for Grand Tourismo, i.e. for the large-format touring car, has a long tradition at Volkswagen. The abbreviation was even used for the compact formats of the Golf and Polo. This designation got its original meaning in the classics of car history, and this naturally includes icons such as the Mustang GT. Now Volkswagen is setting a milestone with the sporty GTX variant with the shapely ID.5 GT.

Hypercar - Copyright scaliger -

The most blatant e-super sports cars at a glance

Design icons, eye-catchers and sports cars. The era of combustion engines among super sports cars is now history. The new, powerful super sports cars are giants with outputs in excess of 500 hp and acceleration from 3 to 0 km/h in less than 100 seconds. They are rare and convince with their own charm of top performance and emission-free acceleration. We take a look at the badass e-sports cars in the world.

Renault 5 - Copyright Renault

Renault – electric car offensive is being pushed

After Volkswagen's major change in strategy, Renault is also accelerating its conversion to a manufacturer of electric cars. The focus has shifted to fundamental changes from development to production and recycling. Classics such as the Renault 5 and what is currently known as the “4ever” are also expected to experience a renaissance as electric models. According to its own information, the Renault Group will bring ten new fully electric models onto the market by 2025.

Lithium - Copyright OlekStock -

What's wrong with lithium in the extinct volcanic crater McDermitt Caldera?

There are currently various reports circulating about an extinct volcanic crater on the border of the US states of Nevada and Oregon, which apparently contains the world's largest lithium deposit. Current estimates range from 20 to 40 tons of lithium, although even higher amounts may be possible. Does this discovery solve the problem of lithium supply for electric cars?

Renault Zoe E-Tech 2023 on test

The Renault Zoe as a trendsetter for entry into electromobility at Renault already has a small tradition. In the last NCAP crash test from December 2021, the base model Zoe "Zen" did not get a single star in the overall rating. The shock at Renault must have been very deep, because the first test in 2013 was still a full 5 stars. However, the revised safety standards in the crash test now make the basic model look significantly worse. Renault reacted to this with the current revision of the price list.

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