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Electric Mobility

Goodbye combustion engine symbol - Copyright Gorodenkoff -

Goodbye internal combustion engine

Tesla announces the Gigafactory in the motherland of the car. Would a clear signal for the move to emission-free mobility have been needed? No, it was to be foreseen. While German automobile manufacturers have been struggling for years to optimize traditional combustion engines, Tesla is setting the automobile era in Germany for the 21st century.

Markus Reis, Product Manager Mercedes-Benz eSprinter - Copyright Mercedes-Benz

>> Mercedes-Benz Vans electrifies its entire commercial product portfolio <

One of the most popular delivery vans in Germany has an electric counterpart by its side - the eSprinter. Mercedes-Benz's commercial customers will in future be able to choose between the conventional combustion engine and the emission-free electric motor for the Sprinter. With the first generation of the eSprinter, the investment costs for the operational infrastructure are a decisive cost factor in addition to the purchase price. An app, which will be available in spring 2020, is intended to bring more transparency to investment decisions.

Symbol Tesla Gigafactory - Copyright Moose -

Muscle games - Tesla Gigafactory

Entrepreneur Elon Musk had already taken care of PayPal for decades with his first global project. After the sale to Google, the new global players were hurriedly launched. In addition to Hyperloop and SpaceX, Tesla has been the focus of electromobility for years with a clear media star: Elon Musk. Tesla has already lived on large-format announcements and visions for the future in the past.

Porsche Taycan 4S - Copyright Porsche

Porsche Taycan 4S - The entry-level model

After the launch of the new Porsche Taycan electric sports car in September 2019, the sports car manufacturer is introducing the third version of the sports sedan, the Taycan 4S. The latest model is available with two battery sizes and, according to the manufacturer, has an output of up to 390 kW (530 PS) or, with the Performance Battery Plus, up to 420 kW (571 PS). After the two turbo models, the Taycan 4S is the entry point to the model range.

Electric car at the solar charging station © Petair /

Solar roofs are an important reason to buy an electric car

What are the reasons for buying an electric car? In a study result of the new end customer monitor from EuPD Research, the most important reasons for the purchase of an electric car are presented. The main reasons from the study from the EUPD's point of view are summarized below.

Scheme of an electric car - Copyright Patrick P. Palej @

IAA fragment 2019

The live blog for the 2019 International Motor Show The IAA stands for many premieres in the field of electromobility this year. This year, Volkswagen is planning a big hit in terms of contemporary electric cars. The presentation of the VW.ID3 from Vokwagen will probably place the future on electric cars at the core brand. The complete conversion of motor vehicles to electric cars is expected to be completed by 2030. There are also ambitious goals for expanding the charging infrastructure in Europe. We continuously report on exciting ... Continue reading "IAA fragment 2019

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