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Formula E

Maserati Gran Turismo Folgore

Maserati GranTurismo Folgore - The Italian lightning in the premium segment

The history of the Maserati brand is peppered with many international successes in racing and a varied brand history. As the only representative in the premium segment within the Stellantis Group, the traditional brand currently has ambitious goals and plans to transfer its own core values ​​in the segments of performance, design and exclusivity into the future. The topics of digitization and electromobility play a key role for future models. The first GranTurismo Folgore e-sports car was presented in Berlin in April.

The new rules for Formula E vehicles 2018/2019

The world's first fully electric racing series - Formula E - is making massive progress with the start of the new racing season. The new technical possibilities make it possible to fall back on the new technology generation in racing in large steps. In the past few months, preparations for the new season have been in full swing. The new regulations will initiate even more upheavals for a larger and more exciting spectacle in the world's metropolises. We throw a promising ... Continue readingThe new rules for Formula E vehicles 2018/2019

Formula E BMW i presentation

BMW i Motorsport - Entry into Formula E.

The starting shot for BMW's entry into the fifth Formula E season was given in the "BMW World" in Munich with the presence of many international media representatives on September 14, 2018. It marks the start of a new era for BMW motorsport Team. Accompanied by a test car cycle with the current models of the BMW i3s and BMW i8 as well as a technology workshop, the presentation of the BMW iFE.18 was the focus of the media day. After the presentation of the key developers in the BMW Motorsport team, the ... Continue readingBMW i Motorsport - Entry into Formula E.

Media launch BMW Formula E - Copxright green car magazine

Formula E - the start of the 5th season

In summer 2018, the team made up of Audi and Schaeffler prevailed in the Formula E team championship. Manufacturers and suppliers will have an even more exciting battle at the start of the coming season. The new regulations and 12 teams with 24 drivers will ensure interesting races in cities around the world. It was not until the final weekend in New York that the final Formula E season was decided after a nerve-wracking season. Before the last two races, the title race was both ... Continue readingFormula E - the start of the 5th season

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