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Lennart Hinrichs (Commercial Director of TWAICE Technologies GmbH) - Copyright Twaice

AI as a driver of the mobility transition?

Guest article – The mobility transition megatrend was overshadowed not least by reports of alleged battery fires. Even if the reports subsequently turned out to be incorrect, the uncertainty among companies and end consumers remains.

Energy saver heat pump - Coypright AngelaStolle @

Heat pump in an electric car

The principle of the heat pump is basically similar to the system of a refrigerator or an air conditioning system - only in the opposite direction. It is therefore a closed circuit that contains a special liquid or gaseous medium (coolant). The system should be overpressure compared to normal atmospheric pressure.

Car costs - symbolic photo Jo Panuwat D -

These changes will apply to drivers from 2024

The new packages of measures from the current budget resolutions result in massive changes for drivers. From electric cars to combustion engines, there are many innovations that will place new burdens on driving from 2024 onwards. In this overview we take a look at the effects in 2024

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Battery fires - causes and prevention

Guest Post - When talking about battery fires, there are two main areas that can be identified: the battery itself and external circumstances. A defect in the battery that could lead to unsafe operation would be, for example, a malfunction in the battery management system that could lead to the battery being overcharged. This causes excessive heat inside the battery.

Autonomous, emission-free, inclusive: In the coming weeks, the HOLON Mover can be viewed for the first time in Germany in the Prototype Museum in Hamburg. Copyright holon/public relations

Autonomous bus services will start in Hamburg in 2025

As part of a presentation on July 06, 2023, the Hamburger Hochbahn presented the prototype of a driverless minibus. The “Holon” ​​bus was presented to an audience of politicians, partners and media representatives in the HafenCity prototype museum. With an attractive interior and comprehensive service, the autonomous company vehicles are intended to enrich the city with a new driving service.

Volkswagen LED ID.3

Price cuts for electric cars in 2024

The abrupt cancellation of subsidies for electric cars has far-reaching consequences for electric car manufacturers. From now on, electric cars are in direct competition with combustion engine models. New car prices are once again the direct focus of buyers. The first manufacturers are significantly reducing the prices for electric cars. We give you some important information in this information article with current updates.

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