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Hydrogen car

Hyundai Nexo 2022

Hyundai Nexo in summer test

The number of hydrogen cars can be counted on one hand, there are currently only two serious competitors in Germany, the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo. The sales figures in Europe are clear for the Nexo, in 2021 there were a total of 468 copies. This is due to the entry-level prices and the very thin infrastructure with hydrogen filling stations.

Hyla Hydrogen Station - Copyright Nikola/Hyla

HYLA - New brand for mobile and modular hydrogen filling stations

The mobile use of hydrogen is a strategic future market. The collaboration between Chart Industries, Inc., an engineering design innovator and manufacturer of clean energy and industrial gas equipment, and Nikola Corporation, a manufacturer of zero-emission trucks, creates a new brand in the hydrogen market, HYLA. The focus is on the development of mobile and modular hydrogen filling stations, liquid hydrogen tanks and transport trailers.

Nikola Symbol - Copyright Wirestock @ AdobeStock

Nikola focuses on the Coolidge manufacturing facility in Arizona

As early as September 2021, the plant for the battery-electric Nikola TRE BEV and the fuel cell-powered Nikola TRE FCEV to follow was officially opened in Ulm. The first vehicles from the joint venture between Nikola and IVECO have now been produced. The logistics company Total Transportation Services, which last year signed a letter of intent for a total of 100 BEV and FCEV trucks, has already launched the first models in the USA. In Europe, the first BEV trucks are delivered to the Port of Hamburg. The European model is manufactured by Iveco in Ulm. We're going to take a look back at the last exciting few months.

IAA Mobility 2021 symbol © Blue Planet Studio -

IAA Mobility Splitter 2021

This year, the IAA Mobility stands for many premieres in the field of electromobility. This year the global manufacturers are planning a big hit with regard to emission-free electric cars. The presentation of the VW.ID from Volkswagen will probably place the future on electric cars at the core brand. The complete conversion of the motor vehicle fleet to electric cars was accelerated several times over the course of the year. There are also ambitious goals for expanding the charging infrastructure in Europe.

Refueling hydrogen symbol - © fotomek -

Hydrogen from wind energy

At the Brunsbüttel site on the industrial site of the chemical company Covestro in Schleswig-Holstein, a power-to-gas plant officially went into operation on August 8, 2019. The plant is operated by the company Wind2Gas Energy with an output of 2,4 MW and generates hydrogen from excess electricity from a nearby wind farm. Greenpeace Energy is the contractual partner for the new electrolyser in Schleswig-Holstein, which will convert the surplus electricity from a neighboring wind farm directly into hydrogen.

FE Fuel Cell Concept - Copyright Hyundai

FE Fuel Cell Concept - Hyundai's fuel cell concept

At the Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai presented its IONIQ models as well as the “FE Fuel Cell Concept”, whose drive technology should offer a range of 800 kilometers. The "FE Fuel Cell Concept" - FE stands for Future Eco - is technically a successor to the Hyundai i35 Fuel Cell, which has been on the market since 2013. The further development of a system that is 20 percent lighter and a 30 percent higher energy density has resulted in an efficiency increase of 10 percent, which ... Continue readingFE Fuel Cell Concept - Hyundai's fuel cell concept

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