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Reduce CO2 emissions in mobility with a mobility budget - Copyright BGStock72 -

Reduce CO2 emissions in mobility with a mobility budget

Ad – Almost 30% of the EU's total emissions are caused by transport (European Environment Agency, 2019). In order to achieve the climate targets set by 2030, greenhouse gas emissions in the mobility sector must be halved. The resulting increasing price pressure for CO2 emissions requires a rethink. Companies in particular can make an enormous contribution through the mobility of their employees.  

Promote sustainable mobility behavior among employees through rewards  

In order to really make a contribution to climate change, companies and their employees must change their behavior in the long term. Rewards are a promising tactic (May, 2022) to achieve a long-term, sustainable change in behavior among employees. Because rewards increase the motivation of employees to move around sustainably.  

Use tax advantages to promote sustainable forms of mobility

Well-known options such as a job ticket, company bike or company car support employees financially when moving, but they take away any flexibility in their choice of mobility and only offer a limited possibility of using more sustainable mobility. Tax advantages from the legislature for selected forms of sustainable mobility can be used within the framework of a mobility budget to incentivize sustainable mobility and thus make it more attractive. According to German tax law § 3 No. 15 EStG, public transport is tax and social security-free (Federal Ministry of Finance, 2019). Other mobility offers such as the combustion engine car, i.e. the fuel receipts submitted, are not exempt from tax and social security contributions. For the employee, this means that the costs for public transport can be reimbursed 1:1 by the employer, whereas the full amount of a fuel bill is not reimbursed (minus tax and social security contributions).  

Flexible and sustainable mobility with a mobility budget  

With the mobility budget from MOBIKO, employees receive a monthly budget that they can use for all their mobility expenses on the way to work and in their free time worldwide. Only a ticket, an invoice or a receipt for the issue is stored in the MOBIKO app. With a mobility budget, you already reward employees when they use public transport, for example. Alternative sustainable means of transport, such as the bicycle, have not yet been developed. That's changing now!  

White paper reducing CO2 emissions
White paper reducing CO2 emissions

Green Taxation: Subsidize sustainable mobility holistically  

MOBIKO offers companies the opportunity to take on the taxes and social security contributions (by net wage projection) for their employees and thus make the use of other sustainable mobility, such as bicycle costs, e-charging of private vehicles or sharing services, more attractive. In this way, companies can map their sustainability strategy and employees can reward themselves by making their own decisions in favor of the environment. At the same time, companies offer an attractive benefit that makes a positive contribution to employer branding, especially in the current war of talent.  

Concluding Remarks  

MOBIKO offers employers easy-to-use software to manage their employee mobility, bill it in a tax-compliant manner and reward sustainable mobility behavior. At the same time, you offer your employees a digital mobility budget that can be used flexibly as a real benefit for commuting to work and for trips in their free time. If you are interested, please contact us at and read more about "Reducing CO2 emissions in mobility" in our white paper


Contribution from MOBIKO GmbH


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Cover picture - Reduce CO2 emissions in mobility with a mobility budget - Copyright BGStock72 -

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