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Dacia Spring model year 2022

Autographed Dacia Spring 2022 model year

The Dacia Spring is currently one of the cheapest electric cars on the German automotive market. Dacia remains true to its philosophy and offers simple and solid vehicles at a reasonable price. Simple solutions are not always good solutions and limits quickly become apparent in driving practice. A summer test shows the Spring's strengths and weaknesses relatively quickly.

The price war

Dacia Spring model year 2022
Dacia Spring model year 2022

With a declaration of war on new car prices, the brand new Dacia Spring starts in the phalanx of inexpensive electric cars. The currently cheapest electric city SUV in the entry-level version "Comfort" can be ordered from 20.490 euros in the basic version. Less 9.570 euros Dacia environmental Bonus the Dacia Spring starts at 10.920 euros and is a bargain among electric cars on the German market purely in terms of the purchase price. The more comfortable equipment variant "Comfort Plus" with the orange look package tested by us costs 22.090 euros. A useful CCS charging connection costs 800 euros extra. We start the test in summer with a warm 20 to 25 degree day temperature.


The Spring is designed for SUV drivers who primarily drive close-up and are looking for a practical and affordable electric car. With the compact electric motor with an output of 33 kW and a battery capacity of 27,4 kWh, it is optimized for commuters and service providers in the city. A range of up to 230 kilometers can be achieved under optimal conditions, but only in ECO mode.

Even at the top speed, a limit of 125 km/h is provided and great dynamics cannot be experienced when overtaking. If you don't cover long distances during the day, you can relax and charge overnight at the in-house or external charging station.

Dacia Spring model year 2022
Dacia Spring model year 2022


The current Spring is only available in the current version in blue at no extra charge. Other colors can be ordered at an additional cost. The cockpit has a central 3,5-inch display between the two round instruments with all the essential driving information. Voice recognition is activated via Google or Apple at the touch of a button on the multifunction steering wheel. The "Comfort Plus" version we tested has a multimedia system with a 7-inch screen including navigation, DAB radio, Bluetooth function and a USB port, and is also compatible with Google Play and Apple CarPlay.

In addition to the standard equipment with air conditioning, LED daytime running lights, hill start assist, light sensor and electric windows, there is a design package with orange accents and a rear parking aid with reversing camera in the "Comfort Plus" variant. The trunk has a volume of 300 liters, with the backrest folded down, the capacity increases to 600 liters.

driving impressions

The Spring floats well in traffic and shows itself to be economical in terms of power consumption in the summer test. Don't expect high expectations when it comes to comfort. The vehicle reduces all controls to necessary standards. The plastic selector wheel for the automatic is housed in the middle of the center console, the touchscreen for the multimedia system has an antiquated tile user interface and the handbrake has to be applied manually after the car is parked.

For various delivery services on the last mile, such as the lightning courier, caretaker service or pizza service, the simple operation and emission-free drive is an advantage over other petrol versions in the small car segment. This is where the new Dacia will probably be found in the next few years, also due to the currently low purchase price. Dacia is already considering a version as a small van.


The main strengths of the Dacia Spring are commuting and everyday shopping or errands with low power consumption. If you are looking for a simple car without customization, you will find a durable partner in the Spring. The Spring is in high demand in the small car segment, both for private and commercial use.


Test from summer 2022

There is currently a revised facelift.

N. Hawthorn
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