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Dennys Bornhöft: Driving bans are disproportionate

Dennys Bornhöft is the environmental policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group in Schleswig-Holstein. In a short written interview, he comments on the current discussion on diesel driving bans and measures that should be taken by manufacturers and cities to reduce nitrogen oxides.

gcm: What do you personally think of possible driving bans in city centers for diesel vehicles?

Denny's Bornhoft: Driving bans are disproportionate and I personally reject them.

gcm: In which direction should manufacturers move in the field of retrofitting older diesel vehicles?

Denny's Bornhoft: Manufacturers who have cheated when it comes to pollutant levels must be held accountable. It cannot be that motorists bought their vehicle in good faith and now have to face the consequences, i.e. possibly driving bans. The manufacturers are now obliged to upgrade the hardware or software. If they don't, they have to compensate the customers.

gcm: What measures should Kiel take to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution?

Denny's Bornhoft: As a state, we have no influence on which measures the city of Kiel should take. In general, however, it can be said that one should drive in two directions. On the one hand, the sources of nitrogen oxide must be minimized. Kiel, for example, is on the right track with the planned conversion of local public transport to electric buses. On the other hand, short-term measures should be taken to reduce the current nitrogen oxide load. Several options, including technically innovative measures, should be examined without prejudice. Actions that increase the flow of traffic would also be conceivable. However, from our point of view, driving bans are expressly not a proportionate measure.


Short interview March 2018

Dennis Bornhöft is the environmental policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group in Schleswig-Holstein.

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