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The digital tire check before the market launch

In the future, thanks to the cooperation between ProovStation and MICHELIN, car tires can be digitally scanned within a few moments. The manufacturer of automated vehicle inspection solutions and the tire manufacturer offer a very fast tire test using a magnetic scanner. According to the two manufacturers, the scanners installed on the ground work in all weather conditions for every type of tire and vehicle.

The tire wear of vehicles with internal combustion engines and electric vehicles are subject to different criteria. Due to the higher weight of the drive battery, the weight of electric cars is usually significantly higher than that of combustion engines. The higher load, the torque immediately transferred to the tires and the braking distances have a major influence on tire wear. For these reasons, a closer look at the tires during the inspection will help to identify wear, notches and cuts at an early stage.

MICHELIN and Proovstation scanners - Copyright MICHELIN / ProovStation
MICHELIN and Proovstation scanners - Copyright MICHELIN / ProovStation

The solution presented uses two floor-mounted magnetic scanners. The car drives over the scanner once. The profile is then extensively evaluated using the tire data analysis of the MICHELIN QuickScan technology. Then a log is made for all tires with the average tread depth, the degree of wear in percent and the expected remaining useful life in kilometers. From the perspective of the workshops and customers, the quick evaluation within one minute for the tire inspection and a very quick analysis of the tire profile should be interesting. This considerably shortens the manual effort that was previously required.

Data acquisition with magnetic scanners

"After months of work, we are proud to announce this first technological and commercial partnership with a company as leading as Michelin. It confirms the viability of our strategy, which is focused on cooperation and the bundling of know-how in order to serve our customers in the best possible way. With this joint, global innovation, we can deliver unprecedented levels of quality, speed and unit cost with every inspection, ”is the official statement from Cédric Bernard, CEO of ProovStation.

Example log - Copyright MICHELIN / ProovStation
Example log - Copyright MICHELIN / ProovStation

The scanner has already been successfully tested for the inspection of truck tires. With the expansion of the possible uses for the car, the possibilities expand again considerably. According to the manufacturer, the durable technology, which can be used in almost all weather conditions, can be used for every type of tire and vehicle. Dirt or mud should not affect the use. This solution therefore offers universal use with almost no restrictions.


The automated digital tire check has the potential to shorten tire inspections considerably and to document them more easily. The savings potential in terms of time and technical aspects is interesting for larger workshops. The market launch is planned for Germany, Austria and Switzerland by the end of the year in German-speaking countries.


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