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Opel Combo e Life 2022

The family electric car - Opel Combo e Life in the test

With the fifth generation, Opel has expanded the combo with a purely electric drive. The Life version is a family van designed for medium-haul travel. As an all-rounder, it can be used both for larger transports and as a small team bus. We look at the inner and outer values ​​of the E-Combo.

The minivan is best known as a pickup truck. With the Life variant, Opel would like to have a say in the concert of family vans. The interior was designed with flexible storage spaces and sufficient space for five people in the interior. The battery as a sandwich in the underbody gives a generous amount of space and with a charge volume of up to 2126 liters, the combo plays its greatest trump card: space miracle. With the large sliding doors, the rear passengers can easily get in and out and with the folding rear seats, it can be easily converted into a van. If you want to transport 2 additional people, you can order an additional bench seat for 600 euros

Opel Combo e Life 2022
Opel Combo e Life 2022 with very variable luggage space

The drive is based on more conventional technology with a 136 hp Electric motor as a permanently excited synchronous machine with a torque of 260 Newton meters. This is sufficient for short and medium-distance traffic, due to the angular design and the high air resistance, the combo equipped with the 50 kWh battery is only designed for distances of up to 280 kilometers under optimal conditions. In the practical test at outside temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees, however, we had to accept severe cuts. According to our test drives, a range of 200 kilometers to the next charging station is realistic.
The combo can be charged with up to 100 kW charging power at the CCS fast charging station. If you then want to quickly charge the battery up to the usual 80% limit, you need a little more than half an hour to do so.

Opel Combo e Life 2022 cruise control
Opel Combo e Life 2022 cruise control

Then there is still a good 180 kilometers of range available. These limitations should be factored into the decision before purchasing. The intended uses are well defined: the combo shows its advantages for short-distance commuters, families in an urban environment and leisure or transport activities. If you can manage the charging overnight in your own carport or garage, you will also appreciate the complete charging to 100% overnight for a good range.

While driving, the combo makes a solid and unexcited impression, with the default settings of the driving mode (Eco, Normal, Power) the dynamics of the driving operation and the energy consumption are also determined. In our spring test, we drove 22 kilometers with 27 to 100 kWh consumption. In order not to further strain the consumption figures, Opel regulates the combo completely at 135 km/h. This is in keeping with the spirit of the times and is easy on the wallet.

The new car is not exactly cheap, the starting price is 39.400 euros for the basic equipment, many interesting equipment details are available for an extra charge, such as a panoramic roof. If you are interested in higher quality equipment, you can switch to the "Edition" and "Ultimate" models. The customer must bear these upgrades.


Those who value rational elements when buying a car will find a car with a wide range of uses in the Opel Combo e. Practical details such as variability and good loading options make the van a generalist for all goods and passenger transport. Due to its range, it is primarily used in the short and medium-haul range.

N. Hawthorn
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