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The best 7 relaxation exercises for the back on long car journeys: Recommended during breaks

People who go on a trip and use the car should take care of their back, advises Dr. Csaba Losonc. The specialist and osteoarthritis expert therefore recommend that these people do back exercises during long car journeys. The best way to do this is to use the breaks and repeat each unit about five to ten times. With little effort, it is possible to optimally relieve the back on long journeys and to lower the muscle tone. How this works and what travelers should consider, you will find out below.

1. Relieve and strengthen the shoulder area

When driving a car, there is more than just back and neck pain. Shoulder problems are also common. In such a case, there is an exercise that travelers can use to help their body cope with the heavy load. Just a few minutes of movement improve the situation.

It is important to stand up straight during training and to open your legs about shoulder width apart. Then lift your arms up on the side and bend your forearms until they form a 90-degree angle. Then drivers stretch their arms upwards. Pay attention to a vertical position. People should also consider the position of the neck. Because it should be straight. At the end of the exercise, the arms return to the starting position.

2. Stretches for the chest muscles

Tension in the back stresses the chest muscles, which is why they should also be considered in connection with long car journeys. To do this, travelers stand upright and spread their legs about shoulder width apart. In the next step, it is important to turn your arms on your side so that the palms of your hands are facing up. Ideally, your arms are slightly bent during this exercise. Car drivers then slowly move their arms upwards until their hands reach shoulder height. By gently pulling back the arms in this position, a desired stretching stimulus arises, which stimulates the muscles and helps to relax.

3. Horseback relaxes the back muscles

The well-known horseback or quadruped stand is a popular exercise for people who have problems with their backs. As soon as you are in the correct position, straighten your arms so that they are vertically below your shoulder. It is also important to ensure that the legs are in the correct position. The knees should be directly below the hips. In the next step, the driver pushes the chest down. A slight hollow back should be created. After holding the position for a few seconds, the chin is moved toward the chest and the back is rolled up.

4. Mobilize and loosen the spine

Long car journeys put a lot of strain on the spine. Here, drivers can counteract this with a simple exercise. After sitting cross-legged, stretch your arms forward and lock them. This position should look like a large ball is being held. As part of the training, the upper body is rotated from one side to the other. A controlled and deep inhalation and exhalation during the movements is important. It is also important that all movement is from the upper body. The arms remain unstressed.

5. Relax the lower back muscles

Even the lower back muscles are stressed when driving a car. A simple and quick exercise will help relieve them. To do this, people take a squatting position. The bottom should be on your heels. Then the forehead is placed on the floor. The arms lie on the sides of the body with the palms facing up. The positive effect of stretching the back can be felt through deep inhalation and exhalation.

6. Relieve tension in the back

While sitting there are some exercises that take the strain off our back. During the training it is important that the legs are stable and that the traveler sits on the front area of ​​the chair. Then he / she tilts the pelvis back and forth as well as straightening the pelvis. The back takes on a round shape. During this training, it is important that breathing is adapted to the respective movements. People should breathe in while stretching and standing up. You exhale when your back is rounded.

7. Strengthen and stabilize your back

In order to avoid back pain during long car journeys, the area of ​​the body should be stabilized and strengthened. This even keeps the spine more flexible. To do this, people take a stand over the width of their hips and let their arms hang sideways. With a little swing, turn your arms to the left and right. It is important to carry out the movements from the spine. This means that the pelvis and the legs are hardly in rotation. It is advisable to only carry out this exercise until the end point is reached. There should be no pain.

Image Dr. Losonc - Copyright Dr. Losonc
Image Dr. Losonc - Copyright Dr. Losonc


A long car trip puts a strain on the entire body, but especially on the back. To prevent pain and exhaustion, the back expert Dr. Csaba Losonc


Guest contribution by Dr. Losonc

Cover picture - Copyright Grischa Georgiew @

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