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These changes will apply to drivers from 2024

The new packages of measures from the current budget resolutions result in massive changes for drivers. From electric cars to combustion engines, there are many innovations that will place new burdens on driving from 2024 onwards. In this overview we take a look at the effects in 2024

Canceled environmental bonus for electric cars

The premium will be canceled for registrations of electric cars from December 18, 2023. By the traffic light's decision, the previous bonuses, consisting of an environmental bonus plus an innovation bonus, for purely electric and fuel cell vehicles for vehicles with a net list price of up to 45.000 euros will be completely eliminated. All electric cars will therefore no longer be eligible for funding in the future. Manufacturers will also not pay any premiums due to the regulations.

We at green car magazine expect an intensified price war with suppliers from Asia and are assuming that list prices will decrease in the coming months.

Higher energy prices due to CO₂ tax

Fuel prices will rise significantly on January 01, 2024. It has already been decided to increase the CO2 tax from 30 euros to 45 euros per ton. The effects can be felt directly at the tap. This tax increases the price of diesel or gasoline per liter by more than 4 cents per liter.

This results in a noticeable additional load every time you refuel.

Electricity prices will also rise significantly. Originally, a billion-dollar subsidy from the economic stabilization fund was supposed to be given in 2024 to relieve network fees. With the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court it no longer applies. While the network fees with the subsidies granted averaged 3,12 cents per kWh, according to initial calculations they will rise to over 6 cents. This also results in significant increases at charging stations and is expected to increase the price per kWh charged.

Winter tires: “M+S” tires are no longer recognized

Mountain pictogram
Mountain pictogram

From October 1, 2024, only tires that bear the “Alpine symbol” may be used in winter. It consists of a snowflake and a mountain. This means that all “all-season tires”, which were often used universally as M+S tires, must also bear this new symbol as proof. This means that many drivers are forced to replace their old winter or all-season tires by October 01.10.204, XNUMX.

The black box is now also mandatory in the car

The usual black box, similar to an aircraft, is used to record and store data from 5 seconds before an accident and up to 300 milliseconds after. This data can be helpful for reconstructing accidents and, in the long term, can also contribute to the further development of driving safety. There is also a crucial date here: Newly registered vehicles as cars or commercial vehicles with up to 01 tons from July 2024, 3,5 must show the black box.

Important driver assistance systems are becoming mandatory

All car manufacturers must invest in the issue of driving safety. Many assistance systems will be mandatory for new registrations from July 7, 2024. This list includes an intelligent speed assistant, the emergency brake light, the reversing assistant and the autonomous emergency braking assistance systems for obstacles and other vehicles. Also required are an emergency lane departure warning system, a drowsiness warning system and the device for installing an alcohol-sensitive immobilizer (Alkolock). This primarily increases the basic prices for small and compact cars, which are often offered in basic equipment with few assistance systems.

If you still want to save costs here, you should look at the likely number of daily registrations in 2024 before the deadline for the previous models.

Attention – cell phone speed cameras are being introduced

So far there have mainly been pilot projects for flash devices to monitor cell phone use while driving. In 2024, cell phone surveillance should take place nationwide. This new speed camera is already in regular operation in the Netherlands. Anyone who is flashed using their smartphone while driving will face a fine of 100 euros in Germany and will receive one point in Flensburg.

Stricter Euro 6e emissions standard for cars

As long as the new Euro 7 standard does not come into force, further regulations of the current Euro 6 emissions standard will continue to be issued. The stricter emissions standard 01e will apply to new registrations from September 2024, 6. Cars with the current Euro 6d standard can still be registered until August 31, 2024.

New registrations with the 6e standard receive the emissions key number “36EA”.


With the new traffic light decisions, the maintenance costs for electric and combustion vehicles will also increase significantly. The entry-level prices for new vehicles are also likely to increase noticeably with the mandatory installation of assistance systems.

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