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These life hacks make everyday life easier for drivers

How every driver intuitively operates and drives his car is clearly and unambiguously regulated. Everyone knows how to operate the air conditioning, the headlights or the windscreen wipers. Special functions can be looked up and experienced in the manual. A few effective tricks that cannot be found in the user manual can make everyday driving easier, reduce worries and often even save money. The following hacks can make everyday life easier for drivers.

Polish headlights

Life hack headlights
Life hack headlights

The headlights are most often soiled while driving. In the course of life, many deposits accumulate on the plastic covers. A simple household remedy can help. Look for toothpaste in the bathroom. The first step is to clean the headlights with warm water. Then you apply the toothpaste with the toothbrush and rub the headlight lenses clean with a damp sponge. Then rinse with water and then dry with a cloth. There are fine microparticles in the toothpaste, they make the glasses look bright again.

Order in the trunk

Who does not know it, the trunk is often used as an intermediate storage for the big and small tours. From the ax to the flashlight to the rag, many useful accessories are carried in the trunk. The disadvantage of this is that when cornering, everything is constantly rolling back and forth and making noise. Here, too, a practical tool that you know from the bathroom can help. This problem is quickly solved with a standard shower shelf that is attached to the side wall of the car with adhesive strips. The small parts find a permanent place in the trunk and are not thrown through the trunk.

Fewer odors in the car

Lifehack Baking Soda
Lifehack Baking Soda

If the car smells too much of different smells, a simple one will help baking powder from the kitchen. The powder is spread in the car and left to work overnight. The next day, all the powder is removed with a vacuum cleaner. Kaisernatron is also suitable as an alternative. If you are looking for a long-term solution, take a small bag and fill it with two tablespoons of baking powder or baking soda. You can then permanently deposit it in the vehicle.

Less dents in the garage

Cars have gotten bigger and wider in recent years. The garages and carports, on the other hand, are still used with the old dimensions. This often causes problems getting in and out. The door will be lightly dented on the garage wall. On the other hand, a simple and inexpensive trick helps. A standard pool noodle can be cut in half lengthwise. The halves are then attached to the wall of the garage at door height with adhesive strips. The benefit of opening the doors is obvious. As soon as a door swings open too far, the swing is dampened with the pool noodle. This makes it easy to avoid a number of dents.

Remove pet hair from car seat

Who does not know this everyday problem? Most dogs leave hair on the car seat while driving. Cleaning up afterwards can be tedious. A rubber window squeegee and a water spray bottle can help. First, some water is sprayed onto the car seat and then the seat is removed with the window squeegee. This will detach most of the hair from the seat.

Life hack animal hair
Life hack animal hair


Lifehack Stuck
Lifehack Stuck

When the weather or the road plays tricks on you: How do you help yourself when your own car doesn't want to continue in the mud or snow? You can find quick help in your own car. A floor mat can be placed directly in front of the tires. This provides the necessary grip for one tire after starting again. With a little skill, the journey can then be continued directly. Then only the doormat has to be collected again.


Tips for everyday driving

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What tips can you give?

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