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Engine production site Cléon -Copyright Renault

Three new electric motors from Renault

In recent years, the Renault Group has invested in the production site for electric motors in Cléon. Now the plant has opened and Renault has presented the prospects for the new electric motors. The ambitious goal is to have the Renault brand fully electric in Europe by 2030. With three new electric motors, the course is set for the future.

The new electric motor with 160 kW/218 hp is currently being manufactured in Cléon as a joint development of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. It will initially be used in the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric. According to Renault, the separately excited three-phase synchronous motor is produced without rare earth metals for magnets to reduce environmental pollution and production costs. With a good 300 Newton meters of torque and a more compact and lighter design than the current Renault ZOE, the unit works more efficiently than the previous electric motors.

Engine production site Cléon -Copyright Renault
Engine production site Cléon -Copyright Renault

New electric motors at the Cléon site

The official statement from Jose Vicente de los Mozos, Industrial Director of the Renault Group, on the opening of the plant reads: "Located at the heart of the Renault Group's industrial ecosystem, the Cléon plant is the largest production center for electric motors in France France. The production of the new power pack for the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric marks an important step in the Renault Group's electric powertrain strategy. Another electric motor developed jointly with Valeo will also be assembled in Cléon, demonstrating the Renault Group's commitment to the site and its desire to concentrate its activities in France."

Renault Zoe rear light - Copyright Renault
Renault Zoe rear light – Copyright Renault
Renault 5 prototype - Copyright Renault
Renault 5 prototype - Copyright Renault


98 million engines and transmissions produced since commissioning in 1958

620 million euros invested in the production of electric motors and hybrid components since 2018

3.228 employees

100 new hires announced in 2022

Source Renault

On four assembly lines and two winding lines, the current potential production capacity is 120.000 engines per year of the "ePT-160kW" type. In the long term, according to Renault, production can increase to 240.000 engines per year. The site is also intended for the production of the new “ePT-100kW” engine for the new Renault 5 from 2024, which was developed in cooperation with Valeo and Valeo Siemens eAutomotive. After that, the even more powerful 200 kW/ 272 hp electric motor will also be produced in this plant.

Engine production site Cléon -Copyright Renault
Engine production site Cléon -Copyright Renault


After the announcements to switch car production to electromobility, Renault has created facts with the investments in the Cléon plant. With the entry into the production of the more efficient and powerful engines, all manufacturers in the alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi will probably benefit from the new production capacities in the coming years.


Images copyright Renault

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