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e.GO Life NEXT - Copyright Next.e.GO Mobile SE

e.GO Life NEXT is to be produced from June 2021

After the roller coaster ride of e.GO Mobile in recent years, things did not look good in connection with the corona pandemic and the insolvency in self-administration that opened at the beginning of July 2020. The company e.GO Mobilie, founded and managed by Streetscooter inventor Günther Schuh, was then able to reposition itself with a new majority shareholder. Now, after the conclusion of a new round of financing, the restart in production is to start in June 2021.

The Dutch financial investor ND Industrial Investments BV became the majority shareholder in e.Go Mobile last year. With the new management under Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hermann (CEO) and Günter Schuh's change as chairman of the supervisory board, the course was set again. Under the new company name Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the independent European car manufacturer is able to take the next step as a producer in Aachen. According to the company, it is currently working with suppliers of electronic and plastic components in order to ensure that production can start promptly.

e.GO Life NEXT as a limited edition

According to the manufacturer, employees are gradually being taken out of short-time work. The focus of the production is the limited special edition e.GO Life NEXT, with which this important milestone in the company's development is celebrated. The limited edition is only available to the first 1.000 customers and costs € 22.990 including VAT, after deducting the manufacturer's bonus.

"We are very grateful for the continued enthusiasm, commitment and patience of our customers and fans and are happy to finally be able to take orders again," is the official statement from Professor Günther Schuh on the restart, founder and chairman of the board of Next.e.GO Mobile SE. The special edition e.GO Life NEXT is expected to be delivered to customers from July 2021.

Technical data

Power (continuous / peak power) 29kW / 57kW
Maximum 130 km/h
Acceleration 0-50 km / h 4,3 s
Lithium-ion battery type
Battery capacity (net) 21,5 kWh
Battery voltage 374 V
Electric range (WLTP) 132 km
Charging time 0-95% (Schuko plug; 230 V) 9,6 h
Charging time 0-95% (type 2 plug; 1-phase) 5,7 h
Consumption including charging losses (WLTP * Combined) 15,5 kWh / 100 km


Cover picture - Copyright Next.e.GO Mobile SE

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  1. Well, for the money I get an Opel Corsa-e with twice the range and 3 new iPhones.
    Then I wish you the best of luck!

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