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Fiat Topolino 500 Bj. 1937 - Copyright Pocko @ Adobe Stock

Immerse yourself in the screwdriver paradise - Garage # 1

The fascination with the car can develop into a deep passion in your own garage. Here in the quiet of our own screwdriver workshop, true talents mature who are primarily dedicated to the technology and design of their favorite brands. The book "Garage # 1 - The most iconic workshops in Northern Germany" offers deep insights into the world of mechanics, hobbyists and lovers of the good old branded and luxury cars of yesteryear.

The book portrays the people who have dedicated themselves to restoring automobiles over decades and who have built a close bond with their brands. The whole atmosphere that the book conveys in the photographs and portraits is so appealing that one has the feeling that a drop of used oil could flow out of the factory at any time. A tribute to the guardians of automotive cultural assets.

Cover Garage # 1 - Copyright Delius / Klasing Verlag
Cover Garage # 1 - Copyright Delius / Klasing Verlag


Screwing, handicrafts, building: a hobby that quickly becomes a great passion. Especially when you can do all of this in your own garage. The fascination of automobiles is tangible - and now also readable: The book "Garage # 1 - The most iconic workshops in Northern Germany" opens the gates to numerous screwdriver paradises in the north of our country.

Anyone who is involved in the restoration and maintenance of historic vehicles needs one thing above all: great attention to detail and the right touch. The bookazine "Garage # 1 - The most iconic workshops in Northern Germany" provides a glimpse behind the gates of the north German screwdriver paradise. It describes how people have developed their personal bond with automobiles in very different ways.
Whether German classics, American icons or French treasures - they can all be found in the “Garage” illustrated book.

The restoration of vehicles is more than just replacing or changing components: it rather shows how a close bond between man and machine is created. Olaf Schmidt from "Treasure Park" explains to the two authors Thomas Duffé and Corinna Connelly how he has been working on a Porsche "original model" (1963-1973), converting it and improving it technically for years. Christian Och tells how he came into contact with French classics and why he prefers them to German automobiles. For Hossein Niemann-Ardehali and his mechanics, the great passion is racing - he reports that in addition to selling vehicles, the personal hobby comes into play: driving races and technically preparing the cars for it in advance. When it comes to vehicles, everyone has their own personal preferences. But all screwdrivers have one thing in common: pure passion for their job.

Authors and publishers

Thomas Duffé / Corinna Connelly
“Garage” # 1 The most iconic workshops in Northern Germany

190 pages, 126 color photos, format 21 x 28 cm, paperback
Euro (D) 15,00 / Euro (A) 15,00
(ISBN 978-3-667-11245-3)
Delius Klasing Verlag, Bielefeld


Sources: Delius Klasing Verlag, Bielefeld

Cover picture: Fiat Topolino 500 Bj. 1937 - Copyright Pocko @ Adobe Stock

Images: @Delius Klasing Verlag Thomas Duffé / Corinna Connelly
"Garage" # 1

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