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World premiere Concept EQV: Concept EQV: Mercedes-Benz shows a preview of the electric future of the premiere - Copyright Daimler Mercedes Benz

Electrified V-Class - World premiere of Concept EQV

After the presentation of the e-Sprinter and eVito last year, Mercedes-Benz Vans has now also discontinued the V-Class with an update for the future. In addition to the conventional drives, the V-Class will be launched with an electric EQV version. According to the manufacturer, technical details are a range of up to 400 kilometers and the rapid recharging of energy for a range of up to 100 kilometers in just 15 minutes. In addition, the vehicle should offer maximum comfort in the interior and maximum functionality, for example with its diverse seat configurations.

The facelift of the V-Class is very extensive. The large-format vans are offered with two different wheelbases - 3200 mm and 3430 mm. There are three different lengths - 4895 mm, 5140 mm and 5370 mm - as well as three different body variants for the Vito commercial vehicle variant, all-round glass, sheet metal from the C-pillar and sheet metal from the B-pillar. So far the current V-Class has only been offered with four-cylinder engines; these exclusively as diesel.

New engines for the future

The V-Class, which is up to 5,14 m long, almost achieves the standard of a comparable sedan in terms of equipment and comfort. The current V-Class has sold over 2014 units since its market launch in 200.000. So there was no reason to fundamentally change the popular model. And on the outside, accordingly, it differs significantly only on the front through a continuous air inlet, which is emphasized by a chrome border.

The actual changes take place behind the radiator grille: A new four-cylinder diesel with a displacement of 2 liters replaces the old compression-ignition engine and has a modern emission control system. With three catalytic converters and a particle filter, the engine complies with the Euro 6d Temp standard and meets the future rules of real driving emissions for measuring consumption in everyday operation. The large diesel engine was also replaced and the V 300 d version now has 239 hp (176 kW) and a torque of 500 Nm. It should be very economical with a consumption of around 6 liters.

The all-electric EQV version, which will celebrate its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, will be even more interesting. It will then be the world's first all-electric MPV, which is expected to be available on the market in the coming year.

EQV - All series with electric drive are in preparation.

In addition to conventional engines, Mercedes-Benz Vans will also offer all commercial series purely electric. This is useful for local and short-haul traffic. The eVito and eSprinter will also be followed by the high-roof combination eCtian.

A holistic system for e-mobility is also planned, in which individual industry needs are to be taken into account as well as the size of the vehicle fleet, driving profile and the structural requirements for creating your own charging infrastructure. Maintenance and service management for the vehicles is also offered.

World premiere Concept EQV: Mercedes-Benz shows a preview of the electric future of the premium MPV - Copyright Daimler Mercedes Benz
World premiere Concept EQV: Mercedes-Benz shows a preview of the electric future of the premium MPV - Copyright Daimler Mercedes Benz

In the coming year, the future initiative “adVANce”, which was presented in autumn 2016, will also be in focus. The program provides for the integration of various connectivity solutions in vans, hardware solutions for the transport industry and new mobility concepts. At Mercedes-Benz Vans, as with corporate customers, the focus is on operating costs over the entire service life. The acceptance of electric vehicles in the commercial sector will only succeed if the total operating costs are at the level of a comparable diesel model over the period of use. For this purpose, there is software developed by Mercedes Benz that is tailor-made to make the cost comparison between the drive variants transparent for the customer when making a purchase decision.

Facelift for motorhomes and recreational vehicles based on the V-Class

The Marco Polo and Marco Polo HORIZON motorhomes and recreational vehicles also benefit from the facelift of the Mercedes-Benz MPV. You also get the new front design, the new paint colors and light alloy wheels, the revised air vents and the new upholstery in the interior.


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Cover picture: World premiere Concept EQV: Concept EQV: Mercedes-Benz shows an outlook on the electric future of the premiere - Copyright Daimler Mercedes Benz

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