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Electric trendsetter Norway at a glance

Norway is independent of the automobile manufacturers. For this reason, Norway can decide relatively freely about alternative forms of propulsion and promote their implementation accordingly. We have put together an overview of the most important provisions from the transport plan and the funding opportunities.


Norwegian Transport Plan 2018-2029 (summary)

• By the time Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) take over the market, plug-in hybrids in particular should be sold - they should be able to fill up with bio-gasoline.

• From 2025, all new light vehicles, as well as new city buses and light delivery vans, should be ZEVs (new registrations).

• From 2030, all heavy vehicles, 75% of long-distance buses and 50% of new trucks should be ZEVs. (New registrations)
To achieve these goals, a few principles should be followed:
• Tax advantages for zero-emission and low-emission vehicles should continue to exist

. • Zero-emission and low-emission vehicles should be cheaper to maintain than vehicles with internal combustion engines.

• ZEVs should always have priority in traffic and when parking.

• Charging stations for ZEVs should be so easily accessible that longer journeys are also possible - long waiting times must be avoided.

The info video gives an overview of the registration numbers


Tax benefits

Electric cars exempt from VAT (25%) and Norwegian registration tax on purchase; no tolls, no parking fees - use of the bus lanes is permitted. Changes are planned due to the tax shortfalls.


Around 4.000 charging stations with green electricity, expansion of charging stations and filling stations for vehicles with alternative drives. Public transport is also to be powered by electricity from 2022. Oslo: from 2019 no cars in the city center - only public and commercial cars without pollutants.



Source and info video: green car magazine II / 2017

More information about Norway and the transport plan can be found in the current issue:



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