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The new eVito Tourer from Mercedes-Benz Vans - Copyright Mercedes-Benz

eVito Tourer - range updates

A new face will enrich urban traffic in the future. The entry into the emission-free future at Mercedes-Benz Vans started on the last mile in the transport segment with the eVitio in 2018 and the eSprinter 2019 with purely electric drives. Now follows the newly introduced eVito Tourer for passenger transport. The concept is envisaged as an emission-free vehicle for ride sharing services, as a shuttle service vehicle or as a large-capacity taxi. We were able to gather our first personal impressions at a press presentation by Mercedes-Benz Vans in Berlin.

Visually, the eVito Tourer stands out thanks to a slightly modified radiator grille and the loading flap for the CCS quick charge connection below the headlight on the driver's side. The lithium-ion battery has a net capacity of 90 kWh and enables a combined range of up to 421 kilometers according to technical information from Mercedes-Benz Vans. The battery is integrated in the underbody of the vehicle and thus offers a low center of gravity. The maximum speeds are specified with up to 140 km / h as standard equipment or up to 160 km / h as special equipment.

The new eVito Tourer from Mercedes-Benz Vans - Copyright Mercedes-Benz
The new eVito Tourer from Mercedes-Benz Vans - Copyright Mercedes-Benz

Appealing driving performance

The charging processes can be carried out on the wallbox with 11 kW over a period of around 10 hours or via a DC fast charging function with up to 50 kW charging power. Here the charging time is about 80 minutes (10 to 80% of the capacity). A 110 kW charging connection can also be ordered as an option. According to the manufacturer, the charging time is reduced accordingly to 45 minutes.

We were personally able to carry out a test drive from green car magazine over a longer test route under real conditions within the urban area of ​​Berlin. The controls and the instrumentation contain some brand-typical elements from the car sector. The traditional automatic selector lever is still on the right behind the steering wheel and the adaptive cruise control is still attached as a multifunctional selector lever outside the direct field of vision behind the steering wheel rim. This requires a few cumbersome steps to operate semi-autonomous driving. The gearshift paddles on the steering wheel for the five selection levels for recuperation mode should be positively emphasized. While driving, the mode can be quickly adapted to the driving situation. The “D auto” recuperation mode is new, in which the telematics data and the traffic situation automatically affect the degree of recuperation.

During the test drive, we drove on different route profiles from the city motorway to the dense inner-city traffic. With a torque of 362 Newton meters, the eVito brings sufficient thrust to the front axle and it can be moved quickly through the flowing traffic. The large window areas ensure a high level of clarity. The blind spot alarms in the exterior mirrors are practical assistants for safe lane changes. An optional electronic rear-view mirror is new. It projects the image from the camera integrated in the rear window onto the rear-view mirror. By setting the angle, it provides a high level of visibility for traffic behind you and when maneuvering.

The new eVito Tourer from Mercedes-Benz Vans - Copyright Mercedes-Benz
The new eVito Tourer from Mercedes-Benz Vans - Copyright Mercedes-Benz

eVito Tourer in the test

“The new Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer sets standards in its segment in terms of everyday usability. Thanks to the fast charging function and a range of 421 kilometers2, 3 it can be used flexibly and offers our customers a high level of usability. With it we are underlining our vision for a locally emission-free van, ”is the official statement from Benjamin Kaehler, Head of eDrive @ VANs at Mercedes-Benz Vans.


The first driving impressions give an insight into the emission-free passenger transport of Mercedes-Benz Vans in urban surroundings. The long range, the appealing driving performance and the fast charging function speak for a high level of suitability for everyday use. For the near future, the eVito Tourer is a serious alternative to conventionally powered tourers.


Cover photo - The new eVito Tourer from Mercedes-Benz Vans - Copyright Mercedes-Benz

N. Hawthorn
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