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Faraday Future FF91 - Source Faraday & Future Inc.

Faraday Future FF91 - a new era of mobility?

It was presented at the CES computer fair in Las Vegas: the electric car of the future, as propagated by the manufacturer and newcomer Faraday Future. "A new era of mobility" announced the development manager Nick Sampson and a new kind of car was the FF91. To demonstrate this clearly, the FF91 was presented on stage in Las Vegas together with its powerful competitors Bentley, Ferrari and Tesla. So all cars were accelerated from a standing start. The fastest start was of course in terms of the presentation of the FF91, which can sprint from 2,39 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds.


The FF91 from Faraday Future looks futuristic not only in terms of performance, but also optically - the external appearance is largely due to the aerodynamics. The round front and the angular rear create a body shape that, thanks to low flow resistance, should enable a particularly long range. The "UFO" design line on the sides of the vehicle and the connected headlight line of the FF91 give the vehicle an impressively modern look. The exterior mirrors of the FF91 have been replaced by cameras or are completely omitted in countries where it is allowed.

Faraday Future FF91 - Source Faraday & Future Inc.

Faraday Future FF91 - Source Faraday & Future Inc.

Security aspects and personalization

The FF91 is protected by face recognition in the B-pillar: a camera can precisely identify the driver's face in order to enable him to unlock the vehicle. At the same time, cameras are installed in the interior, which the users recognize in order to automatically make the preferred settings. In this way, the interior adapts immediately to the driver's already saved preferences: seating position, music, ventilation - hardly any
something that the driver still has to set himself. According to Faraday Future, facial recognition goes so far that even the mood of the user can be recognized in order to give him the optimal “treatment” such as the right music or massage functions.
The interior of the vehicle is characterized by a very large interior space; the seats are equipped with every comfort and luxury, ranging from a comfortable lying position to the already mentioned massage function. The panoramic roof and the side windows are equipped with a special glass that, thanks to the so-called Eclipse Mode, only needs to be tapped once to darken or brighten the windows. According to Faraday Future, this is the perfect way to quickly gain privacy.

Presentation at the computer fair CES 2017

The FF91 is equipped with a total of over 30 cameras as well as radar and ultrasonic sensors in order to achieve one of its best properties: autonomous driving. So far it is that
first series-production vehicle using so-called 3-D lidar technology. Instead of radar, it uses laser pulses to measure distances. The sensor is built into the hood of the electric vehicle. This means that the FF91 is equipped with more sensors than the Tesla models. What the autonomous driving of the car will look like is not yet known; only the autonomous parking function was presented at the CES in Las Vegas, which, by the way, can be controlled via an app.
The performance of the Faraday Future not only made the audience sit up and take notice when it was presented at the CES computer fair: two electric motors with a peak output of 1.050 hp (770 kW) and a time of 2,39 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h allow even that Competitors Tesla behind. The battery of the all-electric vehicle has a capacity of 130 kWh, which, according to Faraday Future, should make a range of over 700 kilometers possible. The battery can be charged in just over an hour using a special quick charger. The 240 volt home charger included in the scope of delivery needs 4,5 hours to half charge the battery.

Faraday Future FF91 - Source Faraday & Future Inc.

Faraday Future FF91 - Source Faraday & Future Inc.

Planned start of production in 2018

The planned start of production for the FF91 is in 2018. Just like the Tesla Model 3, however, Faraday Future can also make down payments for the electric vehicle. With a down payment of 5.000 US dollars, customers can reserve a model from the manufacturer now. As a major investor at Faraday Future recently announced, the FF91 will cost “less than 300.000 US dollars” - making the electric vehicle the most expensive series-production vehicle with an electric drive. Whether the production of the FF91, as planned by Faraday Future, will start in 2018 is still completely open. As it became known at the end of 2016, the company was struggling with money problems. It remains to be seen whether the FF91 will actually go into series production and whether the range and horsepower figures will then still be the same.


Sources: green car magazine II / 2017 / images and video Faraday & Future Inc.


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