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Switzerland Cars 2021 - © VRD -

Almost every third new car in Switzerland is a full or mild hybrid variant

Switzerland is not a member of the EU and follows its own national approach to promoting electric cars. While in Norway and Germany in particular, high government premiums provide an incentive to buy, in Switzerland a division into national and cantonal support measures ensures regional peculiarities. The funding has now expired and the cards for new registrations are being reshuffled.

End of funding in 2024

While national funding for battery-electric vehicles was currently exempt from automobile tax amounting to 4% of the vehicle value, the cantons had a broad funding program with a possible tax bonus. Each canton and the cities have their own funding scenario. This also resulted in: Canton There are significant differences in the most popular vehicles for new registrations compared to the canton. These subsidies have now expired.

“Despite the current economic weakness, the market for new passenger cars in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein grew by 10,4 percent in April. A total of 20 new enrollments were registered, after 040 in the same month last year, which, however, was still characterized by delivery difficulties and a shortage of parts. After the best April on the Swiss car market since 18, the cumulative number of new cars has returned to the plus zone since the beginning of the year: 150 passenger cars put into circulation for the first time mean a slight increase of 2021 percent compared to the first trimester of 77. Driven by Hybrid engines, alternative drives can continue to grow and already account for 264 percent of the market after four months - despite continued reluctance to buy electric cars." (Source auto-schweiz)

The top 5 new BEV registrations in Switzerland:

January to April 2024

Tesla Model Y Copyright Tesla

1Tesla Model Y

2.906 units

SKODA_ENYAQ_iV - Copyright Skoda

2. Skoda Enyaq

987 units

Volvo EX30 - Copyright Volvo

3. Volvo EX30

878 units

Tesla Model 3 - Copyright Tesla

4.Tesla Model 3

607 units

Audi Q4 e-tron quattro - Copyright Audi

5. Audi Q4

538 units

Switzerland is popular as a country for emigration

“Of all European countries, emigrants from Germany are still most often drawn to Switzerland. As the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reports, almost 2022 German citizens were resident in the neighboring country at the beginning of 311. Their numbers have been increasing for years. Compared to 300, the increase was less than 2021% or around 1 people.” (Source Federal Statistical Office / September 1, 800)


Cover picture Switzerland Cars 2021 - © VRD -

Images of cars Copyright of the manufacturer

Source. Statistics of the auto-switzerland from Bern

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