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Fiat Ducato Electric Prototype - Copyright Fiat

Fiat Ducato Electric available from 2020

After the competition from Nissan and Mercedes have already placed their electric delivery vans, Fiat will set its own accent for delivery traffic in the short and medium-haul range next year with the fully electric BEV Ducato. In addition, the Ducato Natural Power with natural gas drive will also be offered in the future. The loading volume varies between ten and seventeen cubic meters, depending on the design.

Fiat sees the range of applications from online trading to postal and courier services to local transport in the service sector or the craft sector. In the future, the traffic restrictions in the city will probably be a decisive competitive advantage for electric delivery vehicles. The total cost of ownership, which is decisive for company use, should be decisive for the operation, especially for users with relatively low daily kilometers.

Ducato Eletric with a range of 220 to 360 kilometers

The ranges that can be achieved according to the NEDC cycle should be between 220 and 360 kilometers and several charging configurations are obviously possible. For the highest possible range, the speed limit is limited to 100 km / h, the maximum power is 90 kW and the torque is 280 Newton meters. Fiat reports in its press release: “The new Ducato Electric is a vehicle without compromises: 100 percent Ducato, 100 percent electric. It will therefore become Fiat Professional's key product in the field of electric mobility, especially for the transition from traditional “vehicle selection” to “mobility selection” based on specific work and business factors. Because the purchase decision changes from Total Cost of Ownership to Total Cost of Mobility. "


The expansion of the range of e-vans meets the trend towards noise-free and emission-free local transport in the city area. With the new generation of vans, Fiat is also meeting the zeitgeist for short-haul urban transport.


Title picture Ducacto Electric prototype - Copyright Fiat

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