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Fisker Emotion - Copyright Fisker

Fisker Emotion

The car manufacturer Fisker around the Dane Henrik Fisker is starting a new attempt to bring an electric sedan onto the market and is daring a new beginning in 2018 with the Fisker EMotion. The purely electric car is said to have the greatest range of all previous series-produced electric cars at almost 700 km and thus also surpass its main competitor Tesla.

How can this reach be achieved? Initially, the EMotion was supposed to use a new type of technology, which was supposed to be supercapacitors made of graphene. For this purpose the joint venture Fisker Nanotech was founded; However, this connection fell apart again, as the technology could not be operational for the planned start of the EMotion. Lithium-ion batteries, which will consist of 21.700 cells, are now being used in the Fisker EMotion. However, the stated range should also be achieved with these batteries. In addition, the EMotion is equipped with solar cells on the roof, which should provide additional range.

The company has not yet announced either the performance of the motors or the storage capacity of the batteries - the Fisker EMotion will be presented at the CES (Consumer Electronic Shows) in Las Vegas (January 9-12, 2018). Only the range of almost 700 km, the maximum speed of 260 km / h and the charging time for the EMotion (9 minutes for a range of 200 km) have already been announced in advance.
The design of the EMotion is sporty: a body made mainly of aluminum and carbon, doors that open in opposite directions and a flat front with LED headlights. Of course, the EMotion is also made fit for autonomous driving: LIDAR systems are also on board, as are monitors with control interfaces for the occupants.

The Fisker EMotion has been available for pre-order since July last year. The price of the EMotion starts at 129.900 US dollars (around 110.000 euros). In 2020, however, a cheaper version of the EMotion will also appear, which will cost around 35.000 US dollars.


Article from the green car magazine issue I / 2018

Sources and photos: Fisker

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