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Fisker E-SUV front view - Picture: Twitter Account henrikfisker

Fisker plans to compete with the Tesla Model Y.

The car manufacturer around the Dane Henrik Fisker is starting a new attempt to bring an electric sedan onto the market and is daring a fresh start in 2021. According to a statement from the company, the car will go on sale at a price of less than $ 40.000. The electric SUV will apparently be operated with an 80-kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack and should achieve a range of 480 kilometers.

As early as 2011, the former BMW and Aston Martin designer Henrik Fisker launched the first PHEV under the name Fisker Karma with the newly founded Fisker brand. The project went down in the wake of financial and technical problems, and the story of the ambitious Californian start-up could actually have reached the end of the last chapter. But here in the north there is a belief that what is said to be dead will live longer.

Competition for Tesla?

However, the history of the electric car first revived Tesla. The turnaround was completed with the help of Chinese investors, who are mainly active in the automotive industry in the electromobility sector. The Chinese automotive supplier Wanxiang took over Fisker, which now operates as Karma Automotive. Originally designed by Fisker, Karma has since changed its name to Karma Revero and is produced in Southern California.

The manufacturer is now planning a major model offensive in the luxury segment for electrically powered vehicles, with plug-in hybrids and all-electric models being planned. The great plans were already disseminated in the summer of 2019 via the short message channel Twitter. A so-called sustainable SUV was presented with an electric range of 480 kilometers. In addition, some innovations are planned, such as the use of recycled and vegan materials. A good space utilization concept also enables long objects to be loaded into the SUV. In the D-pillar under the roof, signal lights should ensure safety when changing lanes.
However, all announced developments will probably not be ready for series production until 2021. The solid-state battery for the luxury eMotion model is still under development. The use of raw materials and recycling materials is also still being planned.

Does Fisker have a future?

The luxury model Fisker eMotion has been available for pre-order for a year now for a price of 129.900 US dollars (approx. 110.000 euros). However, there is no official production facility for the new models. But Don Jackson has already been hired as the responsible manager for future production, who was responsible for the production of vehicles at Volkswagen and Toyota in the past.

Fisker is currently still living out his visions on Twitter. And in the meantime even Volkswagen has assigned electromobility as a future-oriented key technology in automobile construction. The competitive situation will therefore continue to intensify. In view of the experiences of young players in the market, it will be interesting to see whether Fisker will be able to place the car on the market and export it to Europe in the long term. The envisaged price-performance ratio combined with the recycling materials could enrich the competition.


Cover picture Fisker E-SUV front view - Picture: Twitter Account henrikfisker

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