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Ford Mondeo Hybrid - Copyright green car magazine

Ford Mondeo Hybrid

Ford combines the classically elegant Mondeo notchback coupé with a full hybrid drive - technically a symbiosis of engines with a maximum system output of 140 kW (187 hp) and a continuously variable CVT automatic transmission, coupled with the proven, smooth roadholding and comfortable equipment. The sister model Fusion has been available in the USA since the first generation since April 2009 and Ford is an important supplier of hybrid cars in the home market.

Technical details

The Mondeo Hybrid is powered by a 2.0 L naturally aspirated engine with 140 hp at 6.000 rpm and a 120 hp electric motor. Together, this results in a system output of 140 kW (188 hp) for the drive. A smaller electric motor serves as a generator by converting part of the mechanical energy into electricity and storing it in the 1,4 kWh lithium-ion battery and, if necessary, making it available to drive the vehicle. A large part of the energy is recovered through recuperation during braking; During braking, the energy recovery can be clearly seen in the display.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid Info Display - Copyright green car magazine
Ford Mondeo Hybrid Infodisplay - Copyright green car magazine

The sedan has an unladen weight of 1670 kg and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9,2 seconds. The agility is maintained up to 135 km / h; both engines ensure almost seamless propulsion. This is sufficient for all route conditions up to the recommended motorway speed; then the combustion engine takes over by itself up to a top speed of around 187 km / h. In test operation, the interaction of the engines was particularly impressive in commuter traffic and on short journeys.

The built-in CVT automatic transmission takes over the adjustments for the journey and regulates the vehicle speed accordingly in accordance with the drive sources. In addition to the standard gear, an important detail is the selection "L" for downhill driving, in which the engine speed is increased and the engine braking effect takes effect. In the same way, the “slope assistant” can be activated directly on the automatic selector lever at the push of a button, and the generator brakes and generates more electricity to charge the battery. In accordance with the ongoing recuperation, we recorded a moderate average consumption of between 0 to 5 L / 5 km in winter operation in the ECO mode during the test at a cool 7 to 100 ° C outside temperature. In the case of motorway journeys over 135 km / h, in which the internal combustion engine alone is integrated, we are higher in consumption.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid Interior - Copyright green car magazine
Ford Mondeo Hybrid Interior - Copyright green car magazine

The current Ford Fusion / Mondeo as a hybrid variant and its predecessor is a very popular variant in North America. The European Mondeo, built as a hybrid in the Spanish factory in Valencia, is not yet that widespread. In the past, this was always due to the fact that the diesel engines in the Mondeo have so far been the focus of attention in the German market. In a mid-range segment where station wagons and SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, the Mondeo Hybrid has a hard time asserting itself. If the popular station wagon should be available as a hybrid variant, more interested parties can be expected, especially in view of the rapidly dwindling interest in diesel engines.

The question of equipment

In terms of price, the basic equipment in the hybrid version is 36.100 euros list price. This basic price already includes extensive standard equipment, for example the adaptive cruise control system, the heated seats or the 16-inch light-alloy tires in 10-spoke design. If you use the long haul more intensively, you should book the Business Package II (850 euros). The package includes the Sony navigation system, reversing camera, parking assistant and digital radio reception. If you value adaptive LED lighting with perfect road illumination, you should install the corresponding design package II (1.100 euros). This is cheaper in the package version than ordering it separately.


The Mondeo Hybrid is a technically well-equipped and agile notchback coupé for long-haul cruising. In addition to the good road holding and the good brakes, driver assistants ensure a good and safe feeling. The car is ideal for drivers with balanced driving behavior, because the Ford unfolds its effectiveness when driving carefully.


Practical test from the green car magazine issue III / 2017.

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N. Hawthorn
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