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green car magazine spring issue 2022

For the German two-wheeler industry, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic resulted in significant sales and revenue growth in the past and current year. The trend towards the home office and the use of bicycles / pedelecs as a replacement for local public transport set trends that will probably continue in the years to come. Manufacturers and bicycle dealers were faced with new challenges in the face of booming demand.

While sales of bicycles are declining from a certain age, the reverse is true for e-bikes. An e-bike allows you to be mobile on two wheels even in old age, as the step support significantly improves riding comfort. Accordingly, many seniors also buy e-bikes and thus maintain their own sportiness and mobility.

Trendsetter 2022

At the latest with the announcement by Volkswagen that it will implement the complete switch to the electric car by 2030, all competitors will probably have to press the power pedal even more. With regard to the still dominant position and the financial possibilities, it is important for all global players in the car market to pay full attention to this trend. Their greatest assets in competition with the new competitors are clearly their brand awareness, the extensive dealer and workshop network and the existing production potential.

green car magazine spring 2022 issue
green car magazine spring 2022 issue

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