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Honda Clarity Fuel Cell - Image Source: Honda

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

The Clarity Fuel Cell is the world's first series fuel cell vehicle in which the drive is completely located in the engine compartment. By reducing the size of the fuel cell stack by 33 percent, the fuel cell vehicle offers a spacious interior for 5 people. With a range of up to 589 kilometers, the Clarity Fuel Cell achieves the highest range rating of an electric vehicle without a combustion engine according to the EPA (USA). The high range results from the low fuel consumption of 109 kilometers / liter in the combined cycle.
The design of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is particularly characterized by its flowing silhouette and its futuristic interior. The 5-kilogram hydrogen tank is located together with the lithium-ion battery in the lower, rear area of ​​the vehicle - the resulting low center of gravity gives the fuel cell vehicle a harmonious and pleasant driving experience. With an engine output of 130 kW (177 PS), the Clarity has the highest output among the fuel cell vehicles available on the market.


The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is already available in the USA and Japan; in Europe, distribution will begin in selected markets this year. In November 2016, the first 6 units arrived in Europe, as they were delivered to customers in London and Copenhagen as part of the HyFIVE project (Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles) as an ambassador for the awareness and acceptance of fuel technology and the establishment of an infrastructure in Europe . In the USA, the Clarity Fuel Cell can be leased for a monthly price of 369 US dollars (about 350 euros).

Technical data

Motor AC synchronous motor Motor output (system output) 130 kW / 177 HP max

Fuel cell> 100 kW

Consumption 109 km / l

Tank capacity 5 kg
Source and images: Honda Motors

N. Hawthorn
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