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ID.3 Pro 2023

ID.3 Pro Facelift in the test

After the model launch in 2019, the ID.3 is part of the popular mid-range BEV as an electric counterpart to the Golf and a symbol of Volkswagen's move into electromobility. The knowledge gained from the first 3 years of the model was improved with the last facelift. We tested the current ID.3 Pro extensively and took a closer look at the new features.

The ID.3 can be configured in three different battery sizes. The net capacities range from 45 kWh for the Pure version to 77 kWh for the Pro S. In our test version Pro, the net capacity of the battery is 58 kWh. This means that a practical range of up to 400 kilometers can be achieved under optimal conditions. In practice, however, different conditions apply; in our test scenario with a cool outside temperature of 5 to 10 degrees, there are no laboratory conditions.

ID.3 Pro 2023
ID.3 Pro 2023

Facelift updates

The aerodynamic measures on the ID.3 are striking at first glance. A redesigned front section, a slightly more rounded shape and the reshaped taillights are striking innovations. With the water guard strips on the A-pillars and the offset exterior mirrors, the better drag coefficient is now 0,263. An electrically controlled radiator shutter, which only opens when cooling air is necessary, also contributes to this.

ID.3 Pro 2023
ID.3 Pro 2023

Inside, the softer surfaces on the dashboard and the new door panels are noticeable. There has been some reluctance to update the controls. The practical slider at the bottom of the screen is still not illuminated. However, if you drive the ID.3 for a while, you will quickly get used to the operation. For this purpose, the store menu was placed on the entry page of the information display. The route planner is also continuously updated via “over-the-air” updates and now makes more precise forecasts about the battery charge level at the route positions. Charging becomes even more convenient thanks to direct authorization at the charging station (Plug&Charge).

More driving dynamics and optimized consumption

With the facelift, the new ID.3 Pro now also has the more powerful 150 kW electric motor. The engine is significantly more dynamic and accelerates from zero to 7,4 km/h within 100 seconds. But even more important is the higher torque of 310 Nm, which means that all overtaking maneuvers are completed noticeably more quickly than with the previous engine. The consumption values ​​are also significantly more optimized with the heat pump. Even in the cool autumn months we managed with a third mix of 18 to 20 kWh per 100 kilometers. This meant that the range was still 300 kilometers, an acceptable value under these practical conditions.

The standard CCS connection has been continuously improved in recent years for DC fast charging. After initially a maximum of 100 kW charging power in 2019, up to 170 kW is now possible according to the latest software updates. In our tests, we achieved peak charges of up to 4 kW from 150 different providers. This means that the ID.3 Pro can be quickly charged to 80% SoC within just half an hour. An acceptable value compared to previous years.

ID.3 Pro 2023
ID.3 Pro 2023

More Autonomy

The more powerful engine, the ergonomically sophisticated handling and the calmness of a Volkswagen are the virtues that make the ID.3 in the Pro version a practical everyday companion. In addition, it runs even better; noises from the electric motor can be heard in the interior; it is limited to the typical rolling and wind noises during faster journeys. This tempts you to drive quickly and is tricky, especially when there are speed limits. Pay attention to the speedometer more often.

The new software updates also ensure optimization while driving and the navigation scenarios are better integrated. On sloping routes, at speed limits or before intersections, energy is recovered using engine brake recuperation. When maneuvering and parking, the sensors provide precise results and provide comprehensive warnings. The compact turning circle of ten meters also plays a crucial role here and makes parking easier.

driving impressions

While driving, the ID.3 Pro can be steered quickly and easily through traffic with the responsive steering. The vehicle's low center of gravity, which is typical of electric vehicles, is advantageous for overtaking and evasive maneuvers. Short steering movements are regulated immediately and controllably by the ESP. After two generations of Golf, it is conceivable for this clientele to switch to an ID.3. The higher seats and the good overview are an important argument.

When it comes to driving comfort on all route profiles, the optional adaptive chassis can take rough and simple road bumps in stride. The exemplary smooth running can be supplemented with music enjoyment according to your own taste. The overall package is a quantum leap compared to the E-Golf that was introduced years ago. And the facelift suits the ID.3 Pro well.

ID.3 Pro 2023
ID.3 Pro 2023


In addition to the generous feeling of space and practical utility, the facelift increases driving comfort and extends the range. In many details, the upgrades are reflected in the increased driving comfort. As an entry-level model and as a transition model from the Golf, the current ID.3 Pro offers a balanced package.


How do you like the ID.3 Pro with facelift?

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