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F-Pace R-Dynamic PHEV AWD

Jaguar F-Pace R-Dynamic PHEV AWD on test

As early as 2016, the F-Pace celebrated its market launch as the first SUV model and with the 2021 facelift the plug-in hybrid was presented as a supplement to the conventional drive. While the introduction of an SUV probably represented a break in style for the traditionalists, for Jaguar it was a departure into new buyer segments that had previously been served by other premium manufacturers. This also gave rise to a new boost in European sales figures. The noble F-Pace quickly became the front-runner in the portfolio in terms of sales figures.

Large format, dynamic and powerful are probably the most important arguments for buying a mid-range SUV in the premium segment. The 301 hp 2.0 turbo petrol engine is joined by an automatic transmission with an integrated electric motor that delivers an additional 143 hp. This increases the system performance to 404 hp and 640 Newton meters of torque ensure powerful advance. Always press the gas pedal carefully, it makes powerful progress right from the start.

Accents in the interior

In the updated version, the plug-in hybrid with the larger 19,5 kW battery theoretically drives up to 65 kilometers purely electrically and offers the possibility of driving around town and short distances in particular without emissions. There is now a separate cover for the charging port on the rear driver's side. However, one shortcoming is still the 1-phase charging at the numerous AC charging stations with a maximum of 7 kW. After all, he offers charging with direct current with an output of 32 kW as an alternative. The difference in loading is significant.

Display F-Pace R-Dynamic PHEV AWD
Display F-Pace R-Dynamic PHEV AWD

In terms of design, the completely renewed front sets new accents with an appealing lighting architecture. Anyone who opens the doors meets the premium requirements when buying one jaguars. With the dignified leather interior and aluminium, it places its own emphasis on valuable processing for the premium claims. A feast for the eyes is the discreet and very easy to read and operate central infotainment display. The ample space invites you to relaxed long-distance journeys. With the installation of the hybrid battery, 116 liters of volume had to be saved in the trunk. This created a loading sill that slopes backwards, through which objects can slide towards the tailgate while driving. They can easily fall out when opening the tailgate.

driving impressions

In order to get the full driving pleasure, a charged battery is recommended. The propulsion in hybrid mode is balanced and powerful. The combustion engine and the electric motor cooperate smoothly while driving and the transitions are hardly noticeable directly. As soon as you take your foot off the gas, the electric motor continues driving autonomously and the tachometer from the combustion engine jumps back to zero. When charging the battery, there is an option to select charging while driving. The advantage then lies in the controlled use of the electric motor during city driving or on relaxed short journeys. However, we could not achieve the WLTP range of 65 kilometers. According to the displays on our test drives, they were more in the range of 45 to 50 kilometers with a full battery.

F-Pace R-Dynamic PHEV AWD
F-Pace R-Dynamic PHEV AWD

The all-wheel drive allows the F-Pace, which weighs more than 2 tons, to glide safely over long distances and rough terrain and ensures relaxed and directional cornering. The braking system with the large disc brakes boldly takes hold of the abrupt braking processes. The chassis reacts in a balanced and not too soft way to sudden lane changes, with the low body roll it promotes sporty driving.

Fine-tuning can be done using four selectable driving programs. Most driving situations are mapped using the “ECO” energy-saving mode to reduce fuel consumption and the “Comfort” mode preset at every start. If you want even more dynamics, you can switch to "Dynamic", here you can fine-tune according to your own taste and it can be stopwatch even a lap time can be recorded. Even more interesting, however, is the program for extreme situations in winter or on soft ground, with which muddy country lanes or rain-soaked roads in particular can be safely mastered.

F-Pace R-Dynamic PHEV AWD multifunction steering wheel
F-Pace R-Dynamic PHEV AWD multifunction steering wheel

The consumption values ​​vary greatly depending on the terrain and the use of the two drives. In our test period, we were at 7 to 10 liters of premium petrol plus power consumption under very different loads, which seems acceptable in view of the size and weight. In our tests, the heavy plug-in hybrids have never proven to be economical fuel savers. If you can regularly charge up overnight at your own wall box, you can also reduce fuel consumption to well below 6 liters for commuting.

Equipment variants and extras

The F-Pace PHEV is available in three different equipment variants and starts at a list price of 79.700 euros for the basic version S. As with all vehicles in the premium segment, each vehicle can be extensively configured with individualized accessories and extras.

Our recommendations for valuable accessories are:

The winter package

Practical details such as a heated windscreen and steering wheel heating are actually indispensable in the premium segment. There are also fog lights and a headlight cleaning system for 880 euros.

The electric panorama roof

There will definitely be buyers interested in reselling the large-format glass roof. For 1.592 euros, it offers an interesting price/performance ratio.

roof rack

If you still need additional storage space, you can fall back on the package of roof racks and struts for 449 euros.

In addition, numerous paint finishes and other options can be configured with which the F-Pace can be further customized.


The F-Pace has taken up the zeitgeist for SUVs in the luxury segment and offers an interesting alternative in the premium segment thanks to the appealing choice of materials in the interior and convincing processing quality. The symbiosis of traditional values ​​such as performance and value is combined with a generous amount of space and the zeitgeist of an SUV. Accordingly, customers of the competitors are also specifically addressed here.


Test from summer 2023

N. Hawthorn

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