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Jeep Avenger Altitude

Jeep Avenger Altitude Electric – the flexible outdoor SUV

The Jeep brand from the Stellantis Group has so far held back when it comes to electric cars. This year, however, the American brand launched its first big hit with a compact and versatile SUV on the market. The Avenger is a universally applicable electric car that combines all the typical Jeep characteristics with a very quiet and balanced chassis. If you want to take advantage of the entire range, you get a surprisingly flexible vehicle.

Anyone who wants to travel off-road in a climate-friendly way in the future can rely on the completely new Avenger. With its debut, the brand is setting the first milestone on the path to electromobility. The small SUV is also an indicator for the Jeep brand's future electric models.

The successful design with the typical American features is appealing at first glance. It appears larger with its compact dimensions of 4,08 m and also has striking features with the large-format radiator grille, the elongated shape and the massive wheel arches. However, it is significantly shorter than an ID.3 and fits into many parking spaces.

Jeep Avenger central display
Jeep Avenger central display

The European from Jeep

The European influence on the development towards higher utility value is also clearly visible. The traditionally plush and comfortable American look has given way to a functional interior design. And the Avenger is also built in Europe. The 156 hp electric motor comes from the engine factory in Trémery in France and production takes place at the Tychy factory in Poland. The batteries are supplied by a CATL factory in Poland.

Jeep Avenger info display
Jeep Avenger info display

The battery has a net capacity of 51 kWh (gross 54 kWh) and can achieve a range of up to 392 kilometers under optimal conditions when the battery is fully charged. In our test under cold conditions between 0 and 10 degrees daytime temperature, we realistically measured 250 to 300 kilometers because we of course tested all consumers and driving styles extensively.

In addition to the high functionality of the interior, the Avenger is also interesting in terms of off-road capability. It is not intended to compete with the much more robust Wrangler, but is intended to convey the typical Jeep core messages: robustness, off-road capability and off-road driving fun. Some good approaches have already been integrated for this, such as the weight of 1,6 tons, the 260 Newton meters of torque and the off-road driving levels. The all-wheel drive version with two drive motors will obviously be available next year.

Off-road operations

If you mainly travel on long journeys and prefer to use easy off-road routes, you can travel quickly and safely with front-wheel drive. In addition to the usual e-speed levels Normal, ECO and Sport, there are also the outdoor levels sand up to 120 km/h, mud up to 50 km/h and snow up to 80 km/h. The “hill descent aid” can also be activated separately using a button up to 70 km/h.

Jeep Avenger trunk
Jeep Avenger trunk

These are the main differences from the competition in the still small market for outdoor SUVs with electric drives. And we got along very well on our test drives and were very quiet and comfortable compared to the conventional drives in Jeep models. This is also the paradigm shift for all future electric models at Jeep. The formerly loud and rustic off-roaders are catching up with the competition and can be used more universally. A chance to win an even wider audience with the character brand.

So far, pre-orders and acceptance among the Jeep community and the new fans of the brand are going well. The trend towards e-mobility offers completely new perspectives for Jeep worldwide. The flexible use of space with compact dimensions and the price-performance ratio are right.

Some useful details also contribute to this. Sensors and cameras make maneuvering extremely easy, the information display is clear and offers simple menu navigation and, finally, the charging times are acceptable in everyday driving. Some skills are also comfortable as standard equipment in the Altitude version: the tailgate that opens with a foot movement, the full LED headlights and the completely digital cockpit round off the good insight.

With the attractive ground clearance of 20 centimeters, the all-round planking and the typical shapes of the wheel arches, the Avenger can be used well on gravel roads, muddy roads and snow-covered roads. Jeep outdoor enthusiasts will probably still be waiting for the all-wheel drive version or the new electric Wrangler.


With the new vehicle concept combining European functionality with the typical outdoor skills of the Jeep brand, the outdoor BEV Avenger is equipped with some interesting unique features. In the current version with front-wheel drive, the wide range of uses from work to leisure activities to moderate off-road use is very interesting for new Jeep brand customers. Zeitgeist meets high functionality.


How do you like the new Jeep Avenger electric?

N. Hawthorn

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