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Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric -Copyright Renault

Kangoo Rapid E-TECH with a larger battery from 2022

Renault is launching an important technical update with the Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric in spring 2022. The new edition is equipped with a larger 45 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 90 kW electric motor. A more efficient charging connection has been redesigned, the battery of the Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% can now also be charged with direct current of up to 75 kW. The production site is still the French site in Maubeuge.

With the larger battery, depending on the driving style, route profile and outside temperature, a WLTP range of up to 300 kilometers can be achieved, according to the manufacturer. The new electric motor offers quick handling with a maximum torque of 245 Nm. The ranges can be influenced by six driving programs, including an eco mode for range optimization, which efficiently controls the power output. The B mode enables relaxed one-pedal driving, which is already used on the Zoe.

The new charging options

The update also speeds up loading significantly. Renault announces the following charging times for the new Renault Kangoo Rapid E-TECH:

“The new Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric has the patented CHAMELEON CHARGER battery charging system for charging with alternating current. The innovative technology enables the battery to be supplied with energy with a wide range of charging capacities and currents. As standard, accelerated charging at a three-phase current station (AC) with a charging power of 11 kW to the full charging capacity is possible in 4:30 hours. With standard charging with 7,4 kW charging power, the battery can be supplied with energy in less than seven hours. In addition, accelerated charging at a three-phase current (AC) station with a charging capacity of 22 kW is optionally possible for the new city delivery van, as is the supply to direct current stations with a charging capacity of up to 75 kW. The latter allows the Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric to charge enough power for 30 kilometers of additional range within 150 minutes. ”(Source Renault press release)

As with the predecessor model we tested, a large part of the energy for heating and cooling is drawn from the ambient air instead of the battery, based on the principle of a heat pump, which significantly reduces the power requirement, especially at temperatures above zero. A windshield heater, heated front seats and the heated steering wheel are optional extras.
Functionality is still the focus of the delivery van. The main function is simply to transport packages and other loads over short distances. Behind the two simply furnished front seats, the loading area is separated from the driving area by a grid. The loading area can be used in a variety of ways in everyday life, for example for transporting various professional groups from cleaning companies to craft businesses.

The city supplier

There are still two length variants: The Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric has a standard length of up to 3,9 cubic meters (long version: 4,9 cubic meters). The payload is up to 600 kilograms (long version: 800 kilograms). The "Open Sesame by Renault", currently the widest side loading opening in the compact transporter class, is eye-catching and practical. Renault relies on the integration of the B-pillar in the sliding door and passenger door on the right-hand side of the car, so that access to the loading area is largely opened up. Another charging innovation for the Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric will be the Easy Inside Rack. A foldable inner gallery enables long objects such as ladders or pipes to be transported at the top of the vehicle, so that the load compartment floor remains free for additional cargo.

Further convenience features are the online multimedia system EASY LINK, the keyless entry and start system Keycard Handsfree, the Easy-Life drawer and the option of converting the interior into a mobile office. For this purpose, the backrest of the middle seat can be folded forward and converted into a versatile work surface.


Compared to the previous model, the new version has achieved significant improvements in the areas of recuperation, energy savings and increased range. The battery can now be charged much faster with the DC charging option. The interior, equipment and controls are kept simple and functional. With the technical improvements, the new version has become more interesting for short-haul and medium-haul traffic.


Cover picture: Kangoo Rapid E-TECH 100% Electric -Copyright Renault

N. Hawthorn
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