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Contactless payment with debit and credit cards at Allego charging stations

Allego GmbH, based in Berlin, operates a network of charging stations for electric cars in Germany. As a Charge Point Operator (CPO), Allego builds and operates the charging station locations. The offer ranges from planning and setting up the charging location to securing operations through support and maintenance. The charging infrastructure operator belongs to the investment company Meridiam, which is headquartered in Paris. According to the company, the aim is to expand the charging stations at interesting locations in cooperation with local authorities and companies. The billing system for the charging stations supports charging cards and access apps and direct payment systems with credit cards and PayPal.

According to the company's own plans, a new and simplified payment option is to be introduced in cooperation with the credit card companies Visa, American Express and Mastercard. A certified multi-optional payment standard was developed in cooperation with Visa. In the future, users will pay directly at retrofitted Allego charging stations via EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) and NFC (Near Field Communication). This enables contactless payment by credit card to an NFC-enabled device (e.g. with Apple Pay, Google Pay) in front of the integrated payment terminal of the charging stations.

fast E charging station

fast E charging station

The first Allego fast charging station with EMV and NFC technology Shell Holloway opened in London. The technology will be rolled out across Shell's UK charging network in the future, according to Allego. From 2019 onwards, all newly built Allego fast charging stations (50kW) will have the NFC function as standard.

NFC practical test in Kiel

Allego expects strong growth in market share for electric cars. From the point of view of the charging infrastructure operator, the acceptance of charging at the fast charging stations is simplified by the tap and pay technology. We at green car magazine have tested the contactless method at the fast charging station in Kiel with a standard charging card on site. The “fast-e” pillar is started contactless via the NFC field. The charging process is controlled via the display, after selecting the charging plug, charging can be started at the push of a button. After a new request, the current charge status can be called up on the display at any time and the process can be completed as required.

Charging December 2018

Charging December 2018

The system is clearly and simply structured. Instead of a kWh billing, Allego offers a flat rate system for top-ups: “For a standard charge: € 5,45 (including 19% VAT) per charge. For a quick charge: € 7,50 (including 19% VAT) per charge. The tariffs are based on the average charging behavior at the Allego charging stations. However, the above-mentioned fixed prices may vary depending on the fees of the Mobility Service Provider (MSP) or e-roaming platforms. "(As of March 2019)

The system offers advantages and disadvantages depending on the use. It is definitely interesting for users of the fast charging stations who have enough time to fully charge the battery. Accordingly, you should consider beforehand whether you are going to use this package solution. It remains to be seen whether and in what way the accounting system will be modified in the future.


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