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Charging stations for e-cars: How to find a charging station at any time

Advertisement - The electric car is an ingenious invention, especially since it is powered by at least one electric motor instead of running on fuel. The big plus of this innovative driving technique is obvious - there is no environmental pollution from the exhaust gases from the combustion process and the air should also be better when using e-cars. However, there are more gas stations than charging stations for that e-car batteries, which is why finding a charging station can be quite complicated in the beginning. So here are a few suggestions on how you can find a charging station at any time. This is important, because on average one charge is just enough for 150 to 500 kilometers.

Who offers charging stations for e-cars?

In many cases, you need a charging card to use public charging stations. These are offered by regional, municipal electricity providers and e-charging card providers. The most practical are roaming providers, since you can use the card with different providers. An interesting provider of e-charging stations in Germany is Aldi sud, where you can charge the motor outside of opening hours and without registering and pay with an EC or credit card. You drive well, because you fill up with green electricity. Shopping at the same time during opening hours while the car is being charged is particularly practical.

How do I find charging stations for electric vehicles?

One possibility is the e-charging station finder. This is a search tool with a map, which can also be operated with a smartphone or with an app via iOS. In addition, providers, costs and available plug types are displayed at the same time as well as which columns are currently available. A navigation system in the car with a display of the available charging stations is also very practical. There are also other, similar apps such as Mobility+ and Mehr-Tanken. Google Maps is also very helpful here.

Can I also charge my e-car at home?

This would be technically feasible, but in practice this is not recommended. Household cables and plugs are not designed for charging vehicle engines, which is why the plugs and cables can heat up due to overloading and possibly cause a fire. The house line may only be loaded with the upper limit of 16 amps for a short time. When upgrading a power line, moreover, the one required by law Standard VDE-AR-N 4100 to note. Homeowners could have a suitable power line with matching sockets installed, but the question is whether the cost of doing so is worth it in the long run.

How much does it cost to charge the e-car at the charging stations?

The costs vary between providers. The price consists of the charging time, kWh and any roaming fees that may apply. The ADAC offers its members a charging card without basic fees. The differences in the costs of the providers result from their different tariff models. For example, some charge a basic fee for the charging card. The electricity price per kWh also differs from provider to provider. There is a table for orientation on the ADAC website.


E-mobility is a great thing. If you know how to quickly find a charging station at any time and you have the right electricity tariff in your pocket, driving is all the more fun if you know that you are protecting the environment at the same time.


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