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Photo by Alex Jumper on Unsplash

Long distances - e-car vs. combustion engine

The increase in the range of electromobility has increased remarkably in recent years and only the Ukraine crisis has slowed down the electric cars a little, as both oil and electricity have suddenly become precious energy commodities. but E-cars undoubtedly have the future ahead of them. The big problems of range are becoming less and less as more and more charging stations, shorter charging times and more comfort for drivers are now possible.

Electric cars on the rise

Electric cars have established themselves in recent years as the alternative to the internal combustion engine, which is largely based on green energy. Electricity is certainly also associated with environmental pollution in production, but petrol is clearly overshadowed here. More and more customers are opting for an e-car and the trend is clearly towards reducing emissions. This awareness is now relatively anchored in the general population.

The electric cars need one own infrastructure and gas stations have switched over first and are making more and more charging stations available, which technically allow short charging times. But the charging options are also becoming more diverse in other parts of the city and it is also visually recognizable that the trend towards e-mobility can no longer be stopped. This will also mean further upheavals in the future as drivers' needs will be different.

conventional cars

The disadvantages of internal combustion engines are obvious. Carbon emissions are a societal, even global, problem that can only be greatly reduced through a collective effort. Nevertheless, many cannot simply afford a new car, which is why conventional cars will still be on the roads for some time to come.

With e-cars, the driver can drive with a clear conscience and this reflects the growing ecological awareness of the next generation of drivers. Digitality is also increasing and can be ideally combined with e-cars. Online deals are available when the car is stationary for a little entertainment while the battery is charging.

Waiting times when loading

The waiting time required for a full charge of the battery is not yet optimal, but it has improved dramatically in recent years. Here it is to be expected that further progress can be achieved in the short term. However, it is still important to come up with a strategy for the waiting times that will not cause any problems. This can include finding a seat at a charging station and being able to do a few work units with the laptop, which leads to a sensible use of the time. Of course, personal things can also be done.

Best of all, though, is when the time is available to watch a downloaded episode of a series or just search the internet for a bit of distraction and maybe a few Slot machines online to call. This also includes the entertainment offered by games or online casinos. This can easily be used to bridge a few minutes or even several hours. Not only the driver can claim this for himself, but of course all passengers as well.


The e-car has the great advantages that it is cleaner on the road and can offer the greatest possible driving comfort. The internal combustion engines have thus faced strong competition and innovations will be an ever greater challenge for them.

E-cars are constantly getting new features and have now reached the level of infrastructure that enables uncomplicated driving even over longer distances. Waiting times when charging the battery have improved, but have not completely disappeared. However, new technologies will also help here in the coming years.


Photo by Alex Jumper on Unsplash

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