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Performance, luxury, passion - Lucid Air

The answer to Tesla's successful launch of high-quality electric cars is start-up Lucid Motors. California remains the nucleus for the finest electromobility. There are many entrepreneurs here in Silicon Valley who can afford high-quality luxury automobiles. For those who can pay the lavish purchase price, the manufacturer promises a powerful electric luxury liner with opulent performance and an attractive range. With the state purchase bonus of up to 10.000 US dollars, the buyer is lured.

Exclusive equipment details - Copyright Lucid Motors

Exclusive equipment details - Copyright Lucid Motors

The models Apple and Tesla are copied to a large extent. You start at the very top in the premium segment: with a five-seater luxury-class sedan comparable in size to a BMW 5-series, which offers space for the 7-series in the interior. The whole car is garnished with the finest interior and is in the vehicle class above the Tesla Model S. Two powerful electric motors drive the all-wheel drive model with a total of 1.000 hp. There are two types of battery packs available. The basic pack with 100 kWh should be sufficient for 480 kilometers; a larger one with 130 kWh should provide a range of up to 640 kilometers. The battery manufacturer Samsung as a partner ensures the appropriate battery capacities. In cooperation with Samsung SDI, production is scheduled to start in 2018. The Vice President of Samsung SDI is looking forward to the start of production: "As one of the market-leading producers of lithium-ion batteries, we are delighted to be taking part in this project." Production is to be set up in Arizona this year. This is linked to 2.000 new jobs for the time being. According to the technology magazine "Techcrunch", the investment is set at around 700 million US dollars by 2022.
The attack on Tesla is well prepared: the acceleration should take place within 2,7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and the top speed is only limited to 300 km / h. The car impresses with its very elegant and simple lines. Striking style elements are the large panoramic roof and the narrow headlight silhouettes - peppered with micro lenses that, according to the manufacturer, are reminiscent of insect eyes. With the ad
Aptive driving light adapts the road illumination to the respective road situation.
The high-quality equipment can be expanded with individual details: For example, the classic rear bench seat should be able to be exchanged for two individual seats with a reclining function. Technically, all current developments will be included and the vehicle will be equipped with cameras and sensors. The operation is adapted to the digital zeitgeist. Buttons or control switches are largely banned from the cockpit. An extensive touchscreen sits enthroned in the center console and vehicle functions, navigation and infotainment are operated with a fingertip. The networking customary in the industry and the largely autonomous driving customary in the premium brand should also be integrated. In contrast to Google, the steering wheel will remain in the car.

According to CTO Peter Rawlinson, the sales concept provides for direct sales to end customers and integration into car sharing fleets. A generous interior space and environmentally friendly technology in the city area speak for its use. The starting price is expected to be around $ 100.000. Initially, 10.000 vehicles are to be produced in the first year; then production is to be gradually expanded to up to 60.000 vehicles per year. These are ambitious goals for a start-up that has not yet built a car. It should be noted that Tesla has already started to increase the range of its own vehicle fleet and has already placed the SUV Model X, which is much more popular worldwide, in the luxury segment.
The luxury segment in the electric car market will be stimulated by competition. With Peter Rawlinson, the former chief engineer at Tesla, and other former employees from VW and Mazda, Lucid Motos is well equipped to enter the premium market. Tesla will have to adjust to new competitors such as BMW, Porsche and, in the future, also to Lucid Motors.




Sources: Text: green car magazine issue I / 2017 / video and image material Lucid Motors

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