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Lexus UX 250h - Copyright Lexus

Lexus UX 250h Launch Edition in the test

In 2020, Toyota will continue to focus on full hybrid drive concepts in the luxury class with the Lexus brand. The massive diabolo radiator grille has now become a clear trademark in the luxury segment. The UX 250h is floating on the general wave of success of the SUV movement in recent years. The choice of engines is limited to the variants with a 126 kW / 171 PS petrol engine and the hybrid variant tested by us with a system output of 136 kW / 184 PS. An all-wheel drive version “E-Four” can also be selected for the hybrid model.

Big appearance with a compact interior

The large-format appearance in the city can easily be mastered for the Lexus UX 250 h. The surprise awaits when you step into the vehicle, which is at first glance generous with a length of 4,50 m. Even the Golf VII is better sized in terms of seat height and offers tall drivers like me more headroom. The extravagant appearance with the mighty grill, pronounced wheel arches and exposed taillights is ultimately a compact car in the interior. So bow your head when you get in because of the lowered roof line.
In the interior, the ambience promises more the level of the upper class. Seats with good lateral support, an attractively designed center console and soft plastics add value to the UX 250 h. Unfortunately, the somewhat awkward-to-use touchpad is still enthroned in the center console. It jumps hectically back and forth between the menu items while driving. Perhaps the hand flatterer should be fundamentally revised.

Good driving comfort on bad roads

After starting at the push of a button, you can hit the slopes. There are enough bumpy asphalt roads in the vicinity. This is where the real advantages of a heavy SUV lie, good road contact and a sophisticated chassis make it easy to forget the short and long-wave bumps.

The relatively high dead weight of around 1,6 tons is not only effective here. During kickdown and full power demand, it does not wobble even when cornering quickly and impresses with its balanced dynamics. The steering does not fully convey the feedback from road contact, but it works with a high degree of precision. Anyone who approaches the performance limits of the engine with 190 Newton meters of torque will probably prefer to let it go again quickly. The high speed range lets the engine rev up loud. Without a real multi-stage automatic transmission, the background noise does not feel like luxury class and the consumption display levels off beyond 10 liters of premium gasoline.

The savings potential of the Lexus hybrid model is clearly in the short-haul and city area. As usual, the UX 250 h does not need plug-in charging. The relatively small battery is continuously charged with the recuperation energy gained by braking and rolling. But usually the combustion engine starts again after just 2 to 3 kilometers of electric travel in the city. At least here, however, the consumption values ​​can be reduced.

Lexus UX 250h - Copyright Lexus
Lexus UX 250h - Copyright Lexus

Clear cockpit

Thanks to the materials in the top version, inspired by washi paper, the Lexus offers a good interior feel. The controls are clearly and functionally placed in the driver's area. The infotainment display is 7 or 10,3 inches, depending on the model version, and can be configured individually. The very exclusive equipment features are reserved for the Luxury Line. Extras such as a 360-degree camera, seat ventilation or an electrically opening tailgate are directly integrated here.

The current UX 250 h offers a wide range of fields of activity for tech-savvy drivers. Head-up display, an adaptive cruise control with direct control via the buttons on the steering wheel and the individual setting options allow you to experience the full range of possible uses.

UX 250 equipment lines

In addition to the basic UX model, there are three other equipment variants available for customization. The basic model already contains some practical details as standard equipment such as adaptive cruise control, bi-LED headlights with high beam assistant and the Lexus Safety + for a basic price of 35.900 euros. Those who value higher comfort features receive additional ingredients in the “Executive Line” such as a DAB radio, aluminum roof rails and a rear camera for 37.550 euros.

The “F-Sport” and “Luxury Line” versions are in the upper price segment. A generous individualization results when looking at the extensive price list and so some accessories can be expanded according to your own taste. We have picked out the most interesting delicacies for a good resale value. We briefly present our recommendations here.

Roof boxes: If you want to generously expand the relatively small storage space, you can add various roof boxes, which are available in a relatively manageable price range for 355 to 510 euros.

Bicycle carrier: If you use a bicycle, you can purchase a corresponding bicycle carrier for an additional cost of 95 euros.

Parking aid: The parking aid, which is equipped with 4 sensors, can be supplemented with an additional charge of between 327 and 355 euros, depending on the equipment line.


Anyone who likes the large-format appearance of the latest generation of the UX with the mighty radiator grille will find a companion with plenty of technical equipment and extensive assistance systems. The high-quality workmanship of the hybrid version with automatic, with its balanced driving style, primarily appeals to drivers with a wide range of possible uses, from the city to medium and long distances to use in easy terrain.


Cover picture Lexus UX250h - Copyright Lexus

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