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Lexus UX300e

Lexus UX 300e – The entry-level model under test

In the coming years, Toyota will focus on hybrid drive concepts in the luxury class and new electric cars with the Lexus brand. The massive Diabolo radiator grille has become a clear trademark in the luxury segment. The UX 300e is the entry-level model for electric mobility. While the workmanship, the comfort features and the chassis are in the top segments, Lexus still uses the Chademo-E connection, which is rarely found in Europe, for the charging connection.

In the European market, the Lexus brand with the oversized grille is still a byword for exclusivity. The market share in Europe has been relatively constant at 0,3 to 0,4 percent for years. And so people often ask about the brand. A distinctive feature of the UX 300e are the flat headlights, a continuous strip of light at the rear that ends in two distinctive rear lights at the sides. The price of the Lexus is 43.500 euros in the basic price, an appropriate price/performance ratio for an ambitiously designed sports car. You can also apply for the environmental Bonus, but you can see from the 50 Lexus UX 300e that have been funded so far (as of July 1, 2022) that it is still rarely found on the street.

Lexus UX300e
Lexus UX300e

Distinguishing mark Diabolo radiator grille

In addition to the striking radiator grille and the sporty appearance, the Lexus offers high-quality equipment in the interior. Flexibly adjustable sports seats, an easy-to-read head-up display and two large-format displays ensure a pleasant ambience in the UX 300e. The clunky touchpad, which jumps between the selectable menu items, is still stuck. Operation is time-consuming, especially while driving.

While the expansion of superchargers in Europe is being pushed ahead, the number of Chademo charging stations has been completely neglected. The UX can be charged here with a maximum of 50 kW. So it takes a good hour to charge the battery from 20 to 80 percent. This is now not long-distance compliant for the luxury class, since even in summer only a good 200 kilometers are to be covered in long-distance traffic. Thanks to the economy mode and recuperation, the 55 kWh battery can cover short distances of up to 300 kilometers in summer.

Lexus UX300e
Lexus UX 300e – Striking headlights

Three driving modes

These three driving modes can be selected on the rotary switch behind the steering wheel: Sport, Normal and ECO. The consumption values ​​are based on the selected mode, during our test drives we were mostly in the range between 20 and 25 kWh per 100 kilometers according to the display information. If you activate the sport mode and use all registers, you can quickly exceed it.

Lexus registration numbers in Europe

year ( YYYY )Sales Lexus in EuropeMarket share in %
Brand - Lexus - Registration numbers in Europe - Source Carsalesbase
Lexus UX300e
Lexus UX 300e - outside mirror with camera


Anyone who is enthusiastic about the exclusive and rare appearance of a sports car from the Lexus brand should first check whether they can use enough Chademo charging stations on their routine routes. With the current battery capacity, between 200 and 250 kilometers can realistically be covered in summer before the next charging station has to be driven to.

N. Hawthorn
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