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Subaru Solterra - The outdoor SUV

Subaru Solterra - The outdoor SUV
Subaru Solterra - The outdoor SUV

Paradigm shift at Subaru. The traditional manufacturer of all-wheel drive cars with boxer engines, in cooperation with Toyota, is launching a robust all-wheel drive vehicle equipped with 2 electric motors and a total output of 218 hp. At first glance, the Solterra falls into the traditional Subaru schema with a rugged exterior appearance and prominent wheel arches. The plastic surrounds and the underbody protection also give an idea of ​​the typical properties for robust off-road use. We tested it intensively in the field.

In recent decades, Subaru has attached great importance to traditional values ​​such as permanent four-wheel drive, underride protection and good visibility, especially for rough terrain. The very large panoramic windows are no longer available in the Solterra. The 360-degree camera system can be used to quickly create clarity on the terrain when manoeuvring, reversing out of a parking space or in confusing situations. With all-wheel drive, driving on soft ground or snow can be managed again with less slip and directional stability using the selector switch.

Here you can ask us questions about the Subaru Solterra - The Outdoor SUV and, if you are interested, also take part in the live conference.
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