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Magna packs driver assistance systems in a box - symbol © tang90246 -

Magna packs driver assistance systems in a box

The global technology group Magna has developed a compact front camera system in a box in cooperation with Mobileye. According to the company, a large part of the vehicle range of a European premium manufacturer will be equipped with this new system. One advantage is that the front camera and the evaluating software are combined in one component.

In many motor vehicles, the driver assistance systems have so far been developed and controlled separately in various modules. The compact, installable system combines safety and comfort functions such as adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection and an automatic emergency braking system. According to Magna, the Gen5 “one-box” solution enables motor vehicle manufacturers to lower costs and simplify assembly on the assembly line.

Magna Gen5 “One Box” Solution - Copyright Magna
Magna Gen5 “One Box” Solution - Copyright Magna

Magna relies on increasing demands on driver assistance functions

Technologically, the system relies on electronics and camera technology from Magna, which are combined with system-on-chip image processing technology (SoC) from Mobileye. The camera used covers an angle of 120 degrees to the front and offers an image resolution of 8 megapixels. According to Magna, the manufacturing processes for the system have also been optimized in order to meet the quality and volume requirements required for global vehicle platforms.

In the official statements, the experience in camera construction is once again pointed out. "Magna's competence in driver assistance systems is based on the development of vehicle cameras and is also proven by more than 500 US patents in the last 15 years," says Uwe Geissinger, President of Magna Electronics. "Our longstanding collaboration with Mobileye and the introduction of our new Gen5 system show that we are constantly working to provide our customers with innovative systems that help make vehicles safer and more comfortable to drive."
"We have been working with Magna on camera-based driver assistance systems since 2007, and this collaboration will continue to produce state-of-the-art driver assistance functions in the future," says Erez Dagan, Executive Vice President Products and Strategy at Mobileye. "This system offers a completely new level of performance and functionality, but we are already looking for ways to make future generations even better."


The supplier for the automobile manufacturers Magna is relying on the increasing demand for driver assistance systems and offers the manufacturers a compact and comprehensive tool in a box for various driver assistance systems.


Cover picture - Magna packs driver assistance systems in a box - symbol © tang90246 -

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